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    Official site Trillionia cheat world: behind us stands the recently built chicken castle arena. You need to understand the rules perfectly in order to win back your kingdom. Your highness, you’re now at the start of the arena. Battle is quite simple: occupy as many neutral houses as possible, so they come under your possession. Opponents must pay a toll when they land on your house. If they have insufficient coins, they must declare bankruptcy, thus losing the game.


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    All actions made in the arena are determined by the cards players play. This is your current hand of cards. Movement cards- the numbers on the top left corner represent the number of steps you can take. Swipe to throw it out and use it. The roulette decides the number of steps you make. As the move card has 1-6 moves on it, the roulette will also have number from 1-6. A move card may have different move numbers on it. If it has 1-2, then the roulette will only contain numbers 1-2.

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    Trillionia tutorial”  /> <br /> You can occupy a neutral house when you land on it. The opponent will have to pay a toll every time they land on your house. If adjacent houses link, their toll will increase x2. The more houses you link, the higher the toll multiplier gets. Move cards with special powers - it says get coins.  Apart from using this card to move, you also receive coins. When you land on the opponent’s house, you can initiate an attack. Take a look at the card you just played. There’s a small sword on top. The number next to it represents its ATk or attack power.  <img src=
    Once you land on or pass the start tile, all of your houses will instantly be upgraded by 1 level. Their toll and HP will also increase accordingly. Also, you can check your card history by long pressing the heroes tab. In an official match, each player starts with 3 cards in their hand. In the arena, in addition to your luck, strategy is also very important. Think carefully about how you play your card. As long as you occupy the statue, its powers are yours, doubling the toll of all of your houses.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: When you attack an opponent’s house its HP will decrease. When its HP reaches 0, you ignore the toll and occupy the house. (then you have no choice but to pay your opponent's toll). When you land on your own house, you can use your coins to upgrade the house. The higher the multiplier, the higher the toll opponents must pay when they land on your house.

    Trillionia tutorial (wiki): destruction is Bonnie’s forte make good use of area damage to demolish your enemy. Cards, artifacts, maps, and all properties in the arena are works of art by the God of creation: solra himself. After occupying the statue, toll multiplier increased. The statue can be taken over like houses. Whenever a player lands on the statue tile, they become the owner of the statue and gain its benefits.

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