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    Official site Survival Heroes cheat world: greetings to all brave warriors! Here you will face the ruthless Battle Royale combined with the Moba elements you are familiar with. Invite your friends to share your joy. My name is cheat-on. I’m going to be your guide to the wild world of survival heroes. Before we enter, let’s pass the novice trials! Once you pass the trials, then you can fight for real! But don’t worry! I’ll be with you every step of the way.


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    This game is played with both hands. Your left hand controls your character’s movement. Your right hand uses skills. There are four main types of equipment : head, chest, leg and foot armor. In addition, there are two other kinds of equipment: binoculars and necklaces. Putting on the helmet will increase your attributes substantially. In addition to attribute bonuses, shoes and other foot equipment can increase your movement speed. Binoculars will increase view distance.

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    Survival Heroes tutorial”  /> <br /> You took a bit of damage in battle - use the HP potion to restore your health! Be aware that if you take damage while the potion’s recovery is still in effect, your HP recovery will be interrupted. You can usually find better equipment and resources in buildings. Enter the building and search for resources and equipment. After you kill an enemy, you can pick up their equipment. Gold quality obsidian armor features powerful defensive attributes. After equipping it, you’ll get powerful HP recovery capabilities. Now your HP will recover really quickly. Green arrows indicate suitable items or items that can increase your power. <img src=
    Preparation area - you can move around freely here. There’s also a handy timer to let know when the match will begin. Since this is your first time on the battlefield, you’re only going up against 6 opponents this time. Defeat them, and be the last one standing to win. Airship - it will take you all the way across the map. Unless you want to hit the ground with a splat, you’d better open your parachute. Use the joystick to control your descent once your chute is open. As soon as you’ve landed, make your way to the nearest buildings and start looking for resources. Gather up all the equipment and items that you can use.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: equip higher level runes to increase your combat attributes. Healing scrolls can be used to immediately recover HP. Collect enough gold to get goblin rewards! If you don’t have enough gold, try killing some monsters to make some. Pay attention to the magic barrier on the map. This is the white circle on your map. When the timer reaches zero, the magic barrier will begin to shrink. Make sure to stay inside the magic barriers at all times. If you step outside it, you’ll take continuous damage from the valley’s poisonous gases.

    Survival Heroes tutorial (wiki): special equipment can increase your power in the safe area. Exploring and defeating monsters are good ways to get XP. Character skills can be upgraded every three levels. To provide the best possible gaming experience, resources need to be unpacked the first time you. If someone else in the squad is using the same type of weapon, attack will be reduced. Tilt your control stick up while dropping to fall at an angle. Opening treasure chests and killing monsters are good ways to get XP. Accumulate enough XP to increase your character’s level for that battle. Once your character reaches a certain level, you skills’ level will increase too.

    Instructions: use your scout skill to scout out nearby enemy players. it will not only help you spot incoming threats, but also help give you the advantage you need to survive.

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