Panzer Sturm II cheats code hack (gold, diamonds, orange tank)
Panzer Sturm II hacked
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    Official site Panzer Sturm II cheat world: commander, our base is at stake because of Zeus army, I have requested support from headquarters. Tanks will accumulate energy during the battle. Once energy bar is full, you can tap tank to release skills. When battles have begun for a while, tactics will help you defeat enemies. Our base is running out of resources, we need to restore resource production now. Please start with constructing resource buildings.


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    Provisions, iron, aluminium and oil are essential for the development of base. With the support of logistics, it is time to build your tank units. Let’s go to tank factory to see which tank we can get. All you need is to recruit some soldiers, then you can fight against enemies in battlefield. We need to speed up training and increase the power of our units.

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    Panzer Sturm II tutorial”  /> <br /> Challenge missions to eliminate terrorists and obtain materials to advance or ascend taks. Star blitz on achieving 3 stars in campaign. Blitz will consume health and get you rewards. Commander, there are several groups of pirates around our base. In order to guarantee the security of the base, i suggest to send units to eliminate pirates right now.  <img src=
    Elimination of pirates can not only guarantee the security of base, also brings equipment shards. Shards can be used to compose equipment. Check battle reports in mail, from these mails you can check detailed info about battle and rewards. Commander, because of consecutive battles, we are running out of soldiers and logistics. Please pay attention to supply chain.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: resource buildings on the base have produced a lot of resources. We can use resources to upgrade command center, thus promoting development. Clear rebels and collect resources at the world map to get equipment shards and resources. After joining a legion, commanders can occupy cities on the world map with members. Your final goal is to expand and manage occupied cities, thus to dominate the whole world.

    Panzer Sturm II tutorial (wiki):ascend tanks will consume same tanks. Upgrade command center to unlock other buildings or to increase buildings’ level cap. Proper lineup is the key to winning battles. There is a chance to trigger tank duel in battles. The higher your tank’s fire is, the more chance you got to win. Routine tasks of base will show in taskbar. You can complete tasks under the guidance of task bar to become stronger. Some day, you will rule the world.

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    5. uBMrtLqIYfK7hYs - gift box
    6. kzEQy4VkbyRZ8Mf - energy
    7. V7ykLuF1SPYyg50 - upgrade
    8. h9O1TkSFeXlkNEk - resources
    9. 1CCz4L3SfPR7p84 - premium pack
    10. mncBv1BLJjsVSfV - level up
    11. XxNODnvIDkqw65L - speed up
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