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    Official site Clash Of Warship cheat world: welcome, commander! In the game, you will operate a base and battle for control of the oceans! How lucky! Huge oil reserves were discovered beneath your base. Build oil rigs to start extracting. When the countdown is over, the building will be completed. Use the oil to construct a battleship dock and start building your navy! Use premium supply coupons to obtain high grade materials and fighters.


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    Commander, the enemy has been acting suspiciously. Go to battle and sharpen your skills. Deploy a team before battle begins. Warship strength, weakness relationships can greatly affect the tide of battle. Please select your formations wisely. Besides flagship carrier, every player can bring a maximum of 3 fighters and 6 warships. Warship’s range is 1 spaces and only attacks directly in front. If target’s destroyed, the ship in the rear becomes the new target.

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    Clash Of Warship tutorial”  /> <br /> Fighters excel at deep combat and cannot be destroyed. It is worth nothing be destroyed. It is worth nothing that different fighters have different attack ranges. If durability becomes 0, it cannot battle anymore and has to be repaired at the maintenance plant. As a landing platform, carriers are unable to attack by themselves. If your carrier’s durability is reduced to 0, you are considered to have lost the battle. Aircraft and warships will attack enemy units in sequence until one side’s carrier has 0 HP.  <img src=
    The three warship types have strengths and weaknesses against each other. Warships deal 25% bonus damage to ships weak against them. Destroyers beat battleships, battleships beat cruisers, and cruisers > destroyers. Understanding this triangle will help you become an outstanding commander. Upgrade your carrier to improve its performance in battle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can obtain the upgrade crystals for your carrier and aircraft at the training interface. The higher your training level, the more upgrade crystals you’ll obtain. Another thing, check-in rewards are really valuable. Don’t forget to login daily to collect them. Nuclear reactor - a dangerous but efficient reactor. Provides valuable military grade uranium.

    Clash Of Warship tutorial (wiki): when under attack, you can call on your allies for help or activate war protection. Destroyer doc - a factory equipped with a small dry dock for producing destroyers. Comms center - facility for armada communications. Upgrade important tech modules and prepare to rule the ocean! Fight in countless naval battles with worldwide pirates, sea monsters and players.

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