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    Official site Sid Legacy cheat world: 1 year has passed since two students prevented the explosion of the time space engine. The distortion of the time space has begun ro recover and even the existence of Irregulars also have slowly begun to fade from everyone’s memories. We will need a student who is willing to take the risk and investigate what’s happening outside of the school.


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    The tiles look a bit strange. I think we can move ahead if we press down on the tiles. Even if you select the tiles far away, it automatically plots the route and moves. If you don’t like the automatically plotted route, you can simply select and move one step at a time. So, are you getting used to the battle interface? It’s basically a system where your basic attacks are performed automatically when your turn returns.

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    Sid Legacy tutorial”  /> <br /> If you press the skill that is usable in advance, just like you did just now, then once your turn returns, you will use the skill instead of a basic attack. YOur attacks will target the enemy that is directly in front of you first. As a result, it would be beneficial to move around at the right timing in order create a more advantageous situation. When you successfully complete an exploration, you will be able to keep the items that you found. However, if you fail, you will lose all of it. So please be careful.  <img src=
    Do you see the red tiles? There is an abnormally large amount of fire mana concentrated in that tile. If you want to upgrade your equipments, bring two of the same type of equipment. To further explain, if you want to upgrade a dagger, it doesn’t matter what kind of dagger it is. As long as it is a dagger you can try upgrading it. You can imbue the magical abilities of the jewels obtained from explorations on to the equipments.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you acquire new equipments, don’t forget to equip them. Explore on the board (grueling dungeon crawling RPG). Overcome your enemies with your skills. Achieve victory through strategy! Take your pick: over 250 equipments to customize! Change jobs at anytime: flexible character development.

    tutorial (wiki): in order to provide you with some assistance, the administration has prepared a small gift for you. You can check it out at the hall of fame. I will look forward to hearing wonderful stories about you.

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