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    Official site Runegate Heroes cheat world: hi there! My name is cheat-on and welcome to Elrune! You’ve been tasked to storm the Runegates. Let me share my wisdom with you.Minions come to your aid every 30 seconds. Your opponent has their own minions. Characters will follow their lane until they encounter an enemy. The enemy has spawned a hero! Heroes have special skills and traits that help them defeat other heroes and destroy towers.


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    Counter the enemy by spawning your own hero! It’s beneficial to spawn heroes inside or behind minion packs. Tap on the highlighted area to spawn the hero. Spawning a hero costs Aether. It’s a resource that fills up over time. Skills are unique to each hero and have different effects. I will show you a couple of skills and how they work.

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    Runegate Heroes tutorial”  /> <br /> Use the stun skill to deal damage and stun nearby opponents for a few seconds. You’re approaching an enemy defense tower. The shield skill will protect attacker like Tora from their blasts. Summon sneaky Lin to support Tora. Damage multiple units in one attack with the shuriken skill. Once a skill is used, it has a cooldown before it can be used again. Attack - heroes that are best used to attack enemy heroes. Defense - used when your towers are under attack. Support - support other heroes or minions. Siege - attack enemy towers. A hero’s main source of damage can be either physical or magical.  <img src=
    Fallen heroes need to recharge before they can respawn again. Larry is a ranged hero. it is best countered by spawning a melee hero close by. Use the dash skill to leap towards a hero and deal a lot of damage. Destroy enemy towers to grow your spawning area. Spawn Zoie close to your heroes. Her supporting skills can aid them. The healing song recovers health over time to all friendly units in range. Heroes deal ranged or melee damage. Hero fragments are specific to each hero and are used to upgrade to higher levels.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: use Zoie’s encouraging song to increase resistances of all friendly units in range. The encouraging song skill increases magical and physical resistance of all friendly units in range. Destroy remaining towers and gate to win the battle. Heroes can be spawned on both lanes. Pick the right lane based on your strategy. If a hero dies, their Aether cost and revive time increase.

    Runegate Heroes tutorial (wiki): destroying towers earns you points. Destroying a gate wins the game immediately. Cube - it can contain new heroes and ways to improve the ones you already have. You’ve gained materials to upgrade and enhance your heroes - we should go to the upgrade menu. In menu you can upgrade your heroes and view their attributes. Increased levels make heroes more powerful in battles. Stars define a hero’s grade. A higher grade means that the hero can become more powerful.

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