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    Official site Pretzel Land cheat world: as you are now in charge of this upcoming precious village, let me help you a bit. The level of your town hall tells you how many villagers can live in your little town. It also provides you with useful statistics of your current game. The storage gives you information about your current stock of products. Upgrading it to increase its capacity. The village square is a special place where your villagers come together and celebrate.


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    For now, let’s build a residence, so the first villagers can settle in. Every little town lives because of it’s villagers. So place our first house onto the ground. The building takes a while. But as we are Germans, we can do things fast. We just need a little motivation. Boost the construction with our precious Edelweiss. Hold your finger onto the building for additional information. Let’s get to work and produce 2 wheat. Tap the crop farm and drag the wheat icon into an empty slot. Did you know you can boost productions of goods, too?

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    Pretzel Land tutorial”  /> <br /> With every higher level you unlock new buildings and productions. One more thing: if you got spare time, you can collect flowers around our little village. Gather more flowers to complete specific quests. Tap the friends button on the bottom right of the screen and open your friendlist. You can visit your friends and collect some goods for you.  <img src=
    Event building - In the inn, you can host events and serve delicious dishes for your quests. Don’t forget: you need your villagers for event buildings. Let’s host our first event. Make some small breakfast for the visitors of the inn. One last thing: if you don’t know what to do next, you can always take a look at the missions list on the right.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: aethium tree - extracts Aethium from nearby mountain tiles. Aetium is a very durable crystalline mineral and has special kinetic properties useful in a variety of applications. Storage - a place for storing all raw materials and products. First storage in the city provides a starting set of resources and materials.

    Pretzel Land tutorial (wiki): the tractor allows for attaching tools and trailers in order to enable field work or transportation of products. It does not move too fast, but perform well in the rough lands. Before the invention of tractor, people use farm animals to help them with work on the land. Create a beautiful, vibrant bavarian village! Raise crops, construct buildings, brew beer, make your people happy. There’s always something to do around the village!

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