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    Official site Kingdom of Hero cheat world: in ancient times, devil king Molok and his dark forces were sealed in hell after the great war. Since then, the world was able to live in peace and prosperity for thousands of years. However, their seed of darkness kept growing from the shadows. There was a kingdom called Avalon on the continent of Lorasia. The crystal, which is the symbol of their holiness, existed in this kingdom. Thanks to this crystal, Avalon was able to summon heroes whenever crisis arose, and the kingdom was able to enjoy prosperity for years.


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    Then one day...demons and evil spirits started pouring out from this very crystal. Endless waves of demons quickly destroyed Avalon, and opened hell on the whole continent. As the world was collapsing, the crystal was destroyed due to unknown reasons, and its pieces were scattered all over the continent. This incident stopped the endless invasions of demons. About half of Lorasians died due to the Catastrophe. Even after the crystal was destroyed, the previously summoned demons remained, and till this day, they are still killing innocent Lorasians. Although the world believed the royal bloodline of Avalon to have ended, the king’s son Arthur was saved by a secret league named “Kronos”.
    Arthur grew up in a manor in secrecy, unaware of his royal blood. After the war, the world was immersed on developing their combat and magic skills. Arthur was trained by Kronos to become a competent knight. But one day, a stranger appeared in front of Arthur, who had been training all his life to rebuild the kingdom of Avalon.

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    Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War tutorial”  /> <br /> Your travel companions are already here. You’ve found an ancient scroll that can summon heroes. Stand on the summoning circle to try it out. Sprite is an exceptional support hero who can heal other heroes. Lilith - steals enemy’s buffs to increase damage. Crossbowmen are fire type archers who have high atk. Archers usually provide ranged firepower. Are you aware of the fact that each hero has its own elemental type? Certain elemental types are weak or strong against another type. Because of this, a perfect elemental type that suits all situations doesn’t exist.  <img src=
    You can attack enemies in the red area by tapping them. Tap an enemy to see if your hero is strong or weak against the target. The color of the arrow will be determined based on this info: good, equal, bad. Identify the color of the arrow before attacking an enemy. Heroes can move freely within the movement area without limits. Sometimes, you can’t attack certain enemies even after moving. In this case, move to a strategic point and press the turn end button (you can also end the turn by tapping the hero). If you can’t find a target to attack, press turn end.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can check the list of your runes from the rune tab. Runes can become even stronger through upgrades. Sprite has a special skill that can heal our allies. If one of your allies is low on HP, try using special skills instead of attacking. Press the second button if you wish to use a hero’s special skill. Special skills have a certain amount of cooldown. You can use materials like slimes to level up characters.

    Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War tutorial (wiki): experience various battle scenarios with countless combinations of skills and heroes. You can further strengthen your heroes by collecting rune sets. Upgrading skill may reduce its cooldown or increase its range. The heroes’ journey of retaking Lorasia has begun. If your element type is at an advantage, your attacks will become stronger. When you attack an elemental type to your advantage, a green arrow will notify it.

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