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    Official site Robot Tactics cheat world: welcome to Sunset! Nice to meet you, captain! Two factions were at war: the united states of Honir, and the Paz kings union. A lot of warriors were lost. And the destruction left barren lands. The war seemed to be the end of this world. However, before all was lost, the Vera mercenary was created. A committee founded by Victoria the sage to stop the ruthless war. It welcomes all kinds of people who want to help their country. New adventurers gathering in Statera, the peace capital, to help the Vera mercenary in their quest. Maybe the war will finally end with their help.


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    Controls: make the arrow point to right coordinates. Choose an enemy to attack. Check the info of the battle, and choose attack when you are ready. Tap on your avatar on the bottom left to check your damage. You will see the info about the pilots and the warlocks at the top. And the skills and buffs at the bottom. The left icon means you are out of ammunition. The right one means your weapon is on cooldown.

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    Robot Tactics tutorial”  /> <br /> You can see the battle order on the top right. The button below allows you to change your view and battle speed. Information about the location is on the left. You can also tap on auto to auto fight. In auto battles pilots will prioritize weapon 1. Let me show you about producing parts and assembling warlocks. use blueprint cheat to produce a weapon. Resource required for parts or weapon - earn from login rewards, mission gift, salvaging weapons or hack code. Producing parts for the designated slot requires Amber. Weapon production cannot designate a slot.  <img src=
    Tap produce to see the required resources you produce the weapon. Players can equip parts on body, arms, legs and backpack. Tap gacha to recruit new mercenaries for your team. In the pilot preview panel, rarity is at the bottom left of the avatar and pilot type will be at bottom right. Blessed - balanced stat growth. Fighter - focused in dueling and aiming. Tank - focused in DEF. Ninja - agility, mystic - magi. Tap formation to change the warlock pilots.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: missions: main, special, character and weekly. There are normal and hard for each main mission. Complete all the normal checkpoints in the chapter to unlock the hard checkpoints. Tap on the magnifier to see the requirements for extra rewards. You can invite friends to help you in most checkpoints.

    Robot Tactics tutorial (wiki): shield activation will be influenced by response and DEF of defenders. Players can join or create a guild at level 10. Luck will influence critical rate and dodge. Special weapon DMG is influenced by difference of magi between pilots. Enhancement materials can be obtained from all checkpoints. Dueling weapon DMG is influenced by difference of dueling between pilots. Using a counterattack weapon can greatly reduce battle time.

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