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    Official site Legend of Dynasty cheat world: sole descendant of the Shu kingdom, prince Liu Bei of the dragon bloodline. Your kingdom is in ruin and the demons will not stop until the world is covered in flames. Use recommended gestures for easier combos. Tap the icon on the bottom right to go straight to the stage you want to challenge. To unlock the next chapter of the story stage, you need to reach a higher level.


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    Soul release is the main method to power up heroes, and they can learn powerful skill at certain ranks. Collect enough hero souls to unlock new heroes. Having more heroes means more powerful teams. Tap hero avatar to deploy heroes. Deploy more heroes to get stats bonuses and the ability to switch heroes. Don’t like your main hero? Select a new character from battle preparation page to replace him!

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    Hero skills: Dragon slash - slash the space in front of you in a spiral motion, then jump up and slash downwards heavily to attack enemies. Dragon guard - draw the aura of green dragon crescent blade around your body to damage all nearby enemies. Martial slash - channel the dragon spirit to become a martial saint and annihilate all enemies on the screen.
    Legend of Dynasty gift box
    Instructions: challenge failed? Don’t worry, increase your power and try again. Defense costs stamina. DEF break occurs when stamina is used up. Remember to sign in every day. Rare item rewards await you. There are 6 periods each day. Go to cooking 6 times a day to cook food for endless energy. If you want to fight boss, you should upgrade your weapon and unlock its true potential.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: missions: complete chapter 1 of the storyline to unlock the auto combat function. Clear new story stage for the 1st time to get more experience rewards. Befriend girls in the girls system every now and then to gain stats easily. Cooking higher level food will give you more enegy and cooking experience. Use bond to get extra hero stats. Rank up your heroes to upgrade bonds.

    Legend of Dynasty tutorial (wiki): weapon upgrade and talent upgrade can greatly enhance hero stats. Raise arena ranking to get many gem rewards. Elite stage drops various rare items. Go challenge the difficult elite stages. Cure can be used to restore HP and can only be effectively suppressed by burn effects, such as those used by Zhoy Yu.

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