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    Official site Madlands Mobile cheat world: finally, the time to reclaim our world has come. Some things never change. We’ve waited our whole lives for this moment. Let the great reclamation begin. Commander, we need repairs. Our vehicles are heavily damaged after that mess. Let’s build a garage. Remember, repair always takes fewer resources to repair vehicles than it does to build new ones.


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    If you are ever not sure what to do next, just select the recommended next action button and it will help you out. If we’re to make this our home, we need to remove the competition. Let’s start with raiders! Send hero in to attack with jackrabbits. Deploy screen - we can set up our strategy for an attack. First, add hero to the deployment. Second, scan the enemy to see what we're up against. Scanning is always a good idea. It lets us know how we will fare against the enemy. Make a habit of doing it before every deployment.

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    Madlands Mobile tutorial”  /> <br /> COmbat: corrosion will deal damage to us until we are able to remove it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any way to remove it yet. Good thing we outnumber them, or we might be in trouble. Level up - that means hero can command more cars. Repairing is instant and inexpensive, but to command more vehicles we need to invest these kinds of buildings and build more vehicles.   <img src=
    Buildings: garage - repair vehicles damaged in combat. Upgrade your garage to increase the size of your repair queue. Car factory - produces cars, upgrade to unlock new vehicle tiers. Scrapyard - produce metal necessary for upgrading buildings and researching new tech. Oil derrick will produce more oil and provide a certain amount of reserves just in case we are attacked. Our HQ determines how far we can upgrade our other buildings.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: build some more cars from car factory and it will be even easier to expand our turf. Cleanse treatment - repair damaged vehicles and remove corrosion effects for the allied hero with lowest health. Hostility - modify the attack of an allied character by 10 for the remained of the battle. Round shot - deal an additional burst damage to the enemy target.

    Madlands Mobile tutorial (wiki): Save yourself from the loneliness of post apocalyptic desolation through the might of Alliances. With your powerful friends, fight to gain territory, strength, untold rewards and global bragging rights as Supreme Overlord! As the beautiful and glorious commander of a post-apocalyptic group of warmongers, you must rebuild your ruined city, stake claim to valuable resources and rediscover lost and forgotten technology.

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