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    Official site Lee vs the Asteroids cheat world: hey, what’re you doing? Run for your life! Our city’s being pummeled by huge weird shaped asteroids. What? Your truck broke down, and you’ve got nothing better to do, so you came to help? Look, you’re a big dude, but these things are massive! You can’t just freaking catch them. “Sounds like a challenge!?”


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    Alright, looks like there’s no changing your mind. If you can somehow manage to stop these things, i’m sure someone’ll tune up your truck! (if there’s anyone left). Don’t come crying to me if you get flattened like a waffle, or destroy the Earth. Oh man, here comes another one! I just hope my insurance covers this. Power meter - the green side represents Lee’s power. The orange side represents the asteroid’s power. Tapping on, or near, the Asteroid diminishes its power.

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    Lee vs the Asteroids tutorial”  /> <br /> Each tap adds to your combo gauge. The higher the combo you maintain, the more effective your taps will be. Lower the asteroid’s power completely to win. Failing to tap the Asteroid, or tapping hazards, diminishes Lee’s power. If Lee’s power reaches 0, well..Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen for all our sakes. With your help, Rubbly city may actually stand a fighting chance against the hailstorm.   <img src=
    Name’s cheat-on, by the way. I used to run the local shop before it was suddenly liquidated. Say, those shiny gemstones you punched off the asteroid might be worth something! maybe we could use them to rebuild? I bet we could even reopen our shops. By the way. Did you notice something strange happen after you sent that big rock back into space? As if it deflected off of a really massive object up there??

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: sideburns - upgrade them to increases your power. Pummel a barrage of unique asteroids. Smash your way to secret areas. Upgrade Lee’s asteroid crushing abilities. Rebuild android city and gain new skills. Unleash your skills for crazy damage. PUMMEL the barrage of wacky space boulders with rapid taps and strategic attacks

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    5. xCUyr6YTymQUzde - promo code
    6. 4NcODUW4hz3nunD - premium pack
    7. jlOh1JVKxRYv3og - level up
    8. bRv1OVQoi9vrqpA - vip mode
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