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    Official site Land of Doom cheat world: our people tell us that Jones says we are welcome to live in their city. We are supposed to meet them at a restaurant on goldgate street. Ethan tells me that before the outbreak. The restaurant and city used to be filled with people. That used to be normal life. I’m not surprised.. there people don’t seem very reliable. When we arrived there was only a note lying on a table. It said- You are late. GO east along Goldgate. We’ll be waiting at the gas station. Jones came to receive us personally. I guess Ethan does know him. We take their modified school bus east into the sun. I’m not sure how long we drove. We’re finally at the city.


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    If you’re looking for the boss around here, you’ve found him. I built this entire camp with my own hands. A tiny paradise in a zombie wasteland. Main HQ - upgrading it will give us access to more units and buildings. You can check unlocks on the upgrade page. You can earn resources from battles. Looting and destroying other players’ bases are the quickest way.

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    Land of Doom tutorial”  /> <br /> Can’t that backfire on us? Yes, other players may attack us as well but that’s why we have defense towers and units. All buildings can be built at the truck HQ. With every new level your new unlocks will show up there. You’ve got a lot of cars stored over there. Are we running zombies down with cars? No, we use our motorcade to find and recruit more heroes and units to our base. Upgrade the motorcade to increase our capacity.  <img src=
    Motorcade - the building of the camp unit can upgrade the fleet structure and unlock more troops and carry the population ceiling. City migration - an item that allows a player to move their city to an open area on the map. A lot of upgrades need components, where can i get those? What do the different colors mean? Components are acquired by looting other players’, produced in the factory or by exchanging in shelters. Colors tell you the quality of the components. From low to high: white, green, blue, purple then orange.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: after upgrading my HQ and unlocking new troops, where can i access and upgrade them? You can see all your available troops and select how many of each you would like to train. I see that troops take not only resources but time to train. More powerful troops take more time and resources to train. Trained troops also require food and water to sustain. It’s any man’s quest. By clicking on the dark translucent tiles, then clicking explore, you can find out for yourself.

    Land of Doom tutorial (wiki): bar - where you can upgrade heroes and troops. Click on their icons to check more detailed information. Click on a building and its respective arrow to move the building to a unobstructed spot on the map. Building placement is most important for defensive reasons - whether that is defense structures or just making it harder for a player to find your buildings. How do i know what is optimal defensively? You need to try new tactics out but the most important thing is to protect your HQ. If that does down you lose the battle.

    Instructions: what are the strategic points on the map for? Some are brutes, thieves and criminals. When battling them, pay attention to their level as their defenses and strength scale with it. The others are innocents trying to survive in the ruins of the city. If you can, save them. Some items can be used to increase attribute stat points. Attributes are your survival stats. Each represent a different statistic - pay attention and make sure none of them get too low. To understand them more clearly, click on the attributes to open a more detailed view.

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    7. uzkRJUiUbWcJ2iu - legendary items
    8. cCJs0bEllNO7Nf2- upgrade
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