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    Official site Triglav cheat world: instructions: tap a weapon or an armor icon to equip. Tap a consumable item icon such as potion or puppet to use. Open the item stats panel and tap the lock icon to lock and unlock the item. The locked item cannot equip or use but it can move, delete, or sold. A purppet will die in the place of the player when the player is defeated, no matter its type.


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    You can strengthen your character for a given length of time by using a puppet by tapping it. The puppet in use can’t die in your place. If the player does not have any puppet, the player will be lost the character. When you tap an NPC with a quest sign, the icon of the item which the NPC wants will be displayed. If you approach the NPC with the displayed item in your item slot, the NPC will give you a treasure box as a reward. Other various signs will give you hints on how to play the game.

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    Triglav tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: swordmaster - a balanced fighter with excellent defense power. Excels in using a single handed sword and a shield. Its special attack is blast: inflicts damage to all surrounding enemies. Dagger master - a dual wielding fighter. Low in physical strength but excels in attack and travel speeds. Its special attack is double: releases a double to anywhere to attack enemies. Axe - a powerful fighter who uses a great axe. its speed is slow but has a strong and tough body. Special attack is rage: inflicts strong damage to a single enemy.   <img src=
    the player is able to use its special attack when the lightning button is lit up in yellow. When the button is not lit up, it means the special attack is cooling down. You can shorten the cooldown time by using certain equipment. If you are using an Axe master or a dagger, you can put your character in a “standby” mode by tapping the button when an enemy is not selected. The special attack will be activated at the place or on the enemy you tap next.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: do not forget to connect more small weapon (block) which has more HP. Connect the shields to fill protection up. The protection is worn out first instead of HP when under attack. If you lose your HP, the game is over. Do not forget to always keep your HP. Likewise, let’s connect the HP to fill HP up. If you take a closer look at the monster block, you can see the HP of monster that girdles the block like a band.

    Triglav tutorial (wiki):1 - it says 1 turn in the upper right corner. It indicates that one turn left before attack by the monster. You can avoid the monsters attack if you defeat them before they attack you. If you only look the monster attack turn, you can easily win the game. The skill at the top is already activated by connecting the skill blocks. Try to touch the activated skill button.

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