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    Official site Lop Bakery cheat world: instructions: one day, Loppie was playing around the hillside. After a long walk, she saw something unusual laying down in the middle of the road. Turned out it was Mr. Beaver! Dazed and barely conscious. With a growling stomach, Mister Beaver slowly got up and asked for food. He had forgotten where he built his dam and had been searching for days, starving himself. Loppie gladly shared some of her homemade snacks, which were made from carrots of course.


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    Mister Beaver doesn’t like carrots, but to his surprise, it tasted really good. So he had a great idea. What if Loppie opened a bakery? Then he could eat such delicious food again and again. And so Loppie decided to open the carrot bakery! Please help me get started with my new bakery! First off, here are some hack codes for you.

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    Lop Bakery tutorial”  /> <br /> Okay then, i’ll teach you everything you need to know. Now for some basics. Let’s start off with the fields first. First thing to learn is how to harvest the crops. Tap on the hercules carrot to harvest it. Now, tap on a tile. Plant 3 hercules and water them. I’ll tell you a secret that will make farming cheaper and faster. Try doubling the crop production. You’ll get more carrots with cheaper price, for the same amount of production time.   <img src=
    next, let’s cook these carrots and sell them at the bakery. Tap the shop button. Tap the blender twice to buy it. I’ll put it in the kitchen for you! Now let’s blend some carrot juice! Drag carrot juice to the empty box. You can check the remaining cooking time here. That’s it, tap anywhere outside the cooking window to close it. And then we’ll wait for it to finish cooking. it’s done! Tap the icon to collect the finished product.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: ingredients will be replaced with new ones after 6 hours. You should stock up different ingredients, so that you can cook many different kinds of food. Market - you can also sell your carrots and leftover ingredients here. Your item will be sold within 6 to 18 monutes. You can also instant sell it using candy.

    Lop Bakery tutorial (wiki): the more you look after your bakery, the more visitors you’ll have.Once you get more money, you can buy many different kinds of decoration from the shop. Make this bakery as beautiful as you can. There is a lucky spin that will give you one prize every 3 hours. Don’t forget to collect them. You can also collect free candies from candy machine every 2 hours. Candies are rare ingredients and can be used for a lot of things. At farm, it can make crops grow faster.

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    1. Te9HGaMKQnCaUo7 - candy
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    5. uDP5rMd4kBfyaTe - upgrade
    6. VhNjIBzOYsARrvB - level up
    7. ygIOjelukhPOoCz - premium pack
    8. bSVHfCQncenM0eI - gold
    9. Dejl26xS0RQNMly - lucky spin
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