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    Official site World of Witchcraft cheat world: we’re the survivors of that war. Rebuilding here is our last hope. Commander, they just keep coming, we need to build a fortified shelter soon. We need to build a main road. All buildings need to be built next the the road. Build a construction vehicle garage. With the construction vehicles, our efficiency will be greatly increased. Please drag the building to the green square according to the directions.


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    The garage will increase our building queue, we can finally rebuild our city! We are in shortage of water. Our top priority now is to find a clean water source. The water issue is solved? Now we need a larger population to develop our base. Planting is the best solution to avoid food scarcity. We need to connect the roads before resources can be transported. We need to distribute food through the food truck.

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    World of Witchcraft tutorial”  /> <br /> Keep enough food and water in the ration truck, and the base population will be increasing continuously. We always need food and water in the food truck to keep our people fed , and it also keeps fuel and food for emergencies. With the supply issue fixed, let’s develop our base to unlock more things. Use the speakers to kill zombies. You will get 2x rewards.   <img src=
    Buildings: wind turbine - will produce a steady stream of electricity but with low production capacity. Oil well - vehicle, buildings, technology; they all run on fuel. Oil wells produce fuel for our city. Hospital - healing wounded soldiers is easier than training new ones. Hospitals allow you to heal those soldiers. Electricity is an essential energy for the operation of buildings. Buildings’ production efficiency will be greatly reduced when lacking electricity.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: upgrading the base takes a while, you can use speed up items to shorten the duration. The barracks provides us with the queues we need to march into the wasteland. When the base reaches level 7, build a second camp to unlock the APC.Shooters can kill your enemies from a distance, before your enemies even see them.

    World of Witchcraft tutorial (wiki): reasonably match the marching units to win more easily. It is recommended to heal the wounded troops in hospital to guarantee the number of marching troops. Heavy trucks are the builders for city construction. Build garages to unlock additional heavy trucks. Alliance help - help request has been sent to all allies.

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    6. VMfeMLzXkP4oO8O - electricity
    7. dO8whfzLSX7B1rd - speed up
    8. ZijnoM61mmQJjqg - legendary hero
    9. P3nhHlP20biOVX6 - resources
    10. qyY1o83Olqt3a1h - treasure chest
    11. H5Oiw3ceYvLsVIj - premium pack
    12. 32IsTRFZS6GRgTu - vip ticket
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