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    Official site Origins of an Empire cheat world: a long time ago, the lands of Anatolia, situated between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, prospered. After the fall of the Sultanate of Rum, it split into numerous small powers. As the leader of one of these kingdoms, you must seize opportunity and build your strength by training powerful troops and reinforcing your castle. You will start your your journey in origins of an empire here!


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    My prince, the world we live in is a volatile one, oft lit by the fires of war. We must develop our castle, train troops, protect our lands and plunder the resources of other Princes if we are to survive and prosper. On the field of battle, only the strongest of armies can sweep aside all before them like sand before a desert storm. In the course of dispatching our contemptible foe, we have suffered heavy casualties. I suggest we go back to our castle and rebuild our forces in preparation for the next battle.

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    Origins of an Empire tutorial”  /> <br /> Post war reconstruction is vital! We need to build our empire as soon as possible. First, we must construct a Lumber mill because wood is a key factor in the development of your empire; farm - to provide grain for your army without delay. Then, you have collected enough lumber and grain, it’s time to build a house of swords and train your own troops.   <img src=
    This is our world! Collect the resources you need to prosper. It will take a while to harvest that resource. Please go back and work on city development. Follow the main quests and your castle will be the envy of the empire. You can research various technologies in the academy to increase your power. Follow the storyline quests to develop your castle further. Victory square is where your soldiers gather before being dispatched. Upgrade it to dispatch larger armies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the higher the prince’s level the more skill points that prince will have. Spend these skill points wisely to get an edge over your enemies. Skills are divided into 3 categories, with each bestowing different bonus effects. The revival fountain is vital to the development of your castle, but monsters have cast their covetous eyes on it. It’s time to guide the marsman to it’s defense. Survival mode: defeat all the monsters to get points. The more you kill, the more points you get. Challenge mode- defeat certain waves of monsters in each stage to win.

    Origins of an Empire tutorial (wiki): claim gold and items every day from the event hall after purchasing the 30 day value pack. Check for ongoing battles and search battle records in the Alliance war section. Forge, reset, and strengthen your equipment to make them more powerful. All unclaimed rewards have been sent to you automatically.

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