My Beauty Spa cheats code hack (diamond, resource, gold)
My Beauty Spa hacked
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    Official site My Beauty Spa cheat world: it’s exciting that you decided to open your very own beauty spa! My name is cheat-on, let me show you how things work around here. Open the massage studio and meet your massagist. Ann mentioned our first quest needs treatment for dry skin - a life shooting aloe vera massage will be perfect. Tap on of the fields and drag the shears icon over them to collect the grown aloe vera.


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    Instruction: Now tap on a empty field and drag the Aloe Vera icon to seed more aloe vera. With the aloe vera collected, let’s visit the customer in the relax suite and send for the treatment. Tap the chitchat icon to gossip with the treated quest. COngratulations, you treated your first quest. Collect your reward from the relax suite. When in hurry, you can speed up the completion of a task.

    My Beauty Spa cheats android, ios hack codes

    My Beauty Spa tutorial”  /> <br /> Tap on the relax suite to view the customer’s booking details. Level up by harvesting plants and using them to treat guests - this will earn you the required xp points  to progress. When you progress you unlock new improvements to your beauty spa. It’s time to build your second treatment - hair salon. Buildings improvements takes time. When in a hurry you can always speed up.  <img src=
    Characters: Josh - has extraordinary hairdressing skills and works remarkably hard to achieve his goals. He wants to be famous and will do anything for it. If you want to be a famous hair designer, talent and knowledge are not enough. You have to go extra mile for each of your customers, try to make friends with all of them and last but not least - be up to date with current trends.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: to make regenerating shampoo you will need to build a hair product maker. Here’s a helpful tip: queue a second shampoo while the first is being made. Keep the queues full. Now we can send the quest from the relax suite to the hair salon. Get the mission resources and perform the action by using diamonds or promo code.

    My Beauty Spa tutorial (wiki): treat guests that booked beauty packages to get unique gifts. Each treatment has a corresponding cosmetic maker. Close the chapter and get your rewards. Open the new treatment and meet a new staff member. Keep up quality of service and we will have a list celebrities visiting our beauty spa in no time.

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    6. abPiYsmJbD46rSN - premium pack
    7. 8RJCPchD3bhBZbi - promo code
    8. b3LKLoc01idqI1N - upgrade
    9. YZwypZK0UUqm4Nb - stamina energy
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