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    Official site Lord of Stage cheat world: long time ago in the middle earth the peaceful world was maintained for thousands of years, and wealthy life caused the fall. The world has become a time of chaos. Creatures with accidental power and magic fall into place and become the source of evil. Living creatures slowly disappeared and the world became a ruin. The world turns into darkness.


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    Evil creatures reinforce their own skills and magic in areas deep within the dungeon. The good tribes have established a common base under the tree of life. They believe that a strong leader will save the world. Now you have to save the world. Become the owner of dungeon and become and absolute leader for the return of middle earth.

    Lord of Stage cheats android, ios hack codes

    Lord of Stage tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: assassin - handsome, bright, and friendly knight that resembles ancient articles with a lively personality but always in the habit of temperance. It is capable of stealthy attacks and unexpected damage. Possible multi attack. Warrior - maximizes combat power based on strength, increase defense power. Swordsman - it is a very basic job, and it can deal with important skills that are good at battle. Hunter - have expertise in hunting monsters, possible patrol in dungeon.   <img src=
    Instructions: All dungeons have hidden gates that can be moved to a secret map. Be friends with them who can help each other grow and fight. Click the name of the other character to activate the add friend button. Under the tree of life there are buttons to move to other server channels and towns. In order to use the skill during combat, you must set it in the slot on the left by clicking on mount from the list of right skills. You can mount up to 6 skills at once. When you become the lord of the dungeon, you will receive an amazing reward.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:if you want to operate manually, please uncheck the auto check box. If you have not set up the skill, please find the skill menu in the village and set it. With the help of shrine, your recovery has doubled. Remove all monsters and then save your reward and history. Sometimes you can find a warp portal for hidden map. The boss in the last stage has many valuable treasures. The buff effect in use increases at the same multiplier depending on the character’s upgrade step.

    Lord of Stage tutorial (wiki): if you want a quick level up, you have to replace it with a higher level weapon at the right time. If you continue to use the skill, the level will increase. you can also use crystal to enhance your skills like characters. Explore dungeons with your friends, if you help each other, you can grow together. You can move to another area by clicking on the direction. The store sells a variety of tickets to help with the battle.

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