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    Official site NearEscape cheat world: i felt awkward in my head. It took me a while to get up because my body did not move well. Where is this? Why are you here? I am confused. There is nothing i can remember. I do not remember my name! I don't know why, but my head hurts. There are old blood stains on the floor, but there are no injuries. I do not have a voice when i try to see it. First of all, i have to find a place to rest from the rain.


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    Controls: use the joystick to move the character. Press and hold the joystick and drag in the direction you want to move. You can walk or run by pressing the walk or run toggle button. You can not run if your stamina (light yellow) is too low. You can see the current purpose. Pressing the destination will tell the direction (on\off). There is an item. Items are always shiny. You can get the name of the item when you’re close.

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    NearEscape tutorial”  /> <br /> Instructions: go close to the item and press the interact button. The item takes time to acquire. The items you have earned enter the bag. The bag has a limit of spaces depending on the garment. The box shines if it contains item. Please go close and press the interaction button. Weapons have basic weapons (fists), melee weapons and firearms. A weapon can only be activated by opening the bag. When you go near the building entrance marker, the door button appears. When it rains, your life (light yellow) shows down. It is very dark inside the building and at night. Turn on the flashing when it is dark (option can be set on/off automatically).   <img src=
    The green float is a virus zone. It is not active in the rain or nighttime, but always active in the building. ZOmbies have appeared. Zombies are not good at sight, but are sensitive to sound. Pressing the auto attack button will attack the front, nearby enemy. When there is no enemy, you can swing or fire in the air. Life (light red) and stamina (yellow), mental (purple) must be managed well. When the spirit becomes zero, you will be in a state of confusion. If the lightning strikes, it takes time to restore sight. If you lose your mind, you can restart it around.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the item that you have won enters the bag. If there is not enough space in the bag, it can not be acquired. The number of space in the bag depends on the garment. There is a weight limit depending on the player’s abilities. The items above the weight limit are automatically discarded. Main weapon, secondary, appearing garment is displayed separately. Available items are used immediately. You can only remove bullets from your gun. It takes time to change clothes. Wearing clothes can be checked when you open the bag. If your clothing does not have durability, it will not provide you with various resistance.

    NearEscape tutorial (wiki): You can keep items in various boxes. Boxes are not protected except for the shelter. The boxes have no weight restrictions. You can use the items right from the box. Only the bullets can be extracted. All items will be taken out. All (close) will take out all items and close the box. The overflowing item will be thrown to the floor. Long clicking on the character or spell will open the information window. Open map to find shelter and building, subway.

    The player has 4 different abilites: power - health increases. The maximum weight of the bag is increased. The melee weapon damage increases. Dexterity - the movement speeds up. The attack speed is faster. It improves attack accutacy. Endurance - health and health increase. The maximum weight of the bag is increased. Inorganic resistance increases. Willpower - mental increases. Virus resistance increases. Critical hit rate improves.

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