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    Official site Restless Raiders cheat world: hello, welcome to our site. I’m here to guide you on your first journey to become a true raider. Our world is constantly attacked by monsters, we call them the void, and your job is to destroy those monsters. Swiping orbs on your screen to fire them through the cannon. You can either wait for the orbs to refill or tap the board to refill the orbs manually.


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    During boss fight, you need to defeat them before the timer ends. After defeating a boss, you can continue your journey further. Did you notice that the monsters are getting stronger? Don’t you worry, you can get stronger as well. Player menu - here, you can access various upgrades. For starter, i suggest you try upgrading cannon power. Now your cannon deals 2 damage instead of 1. Which means, you can defeat those monsters twice as fast.

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    Restless Raiders tutorial”  /> <br /> Instructions: now, it’s time to tell you about skills. Sentry drone - drone that rapidly fires orbs for 10 seconds. Convert ball to critical orb. Critical hit - reduces 10% of enemy’s maximum health. When you learn a new skill, you will be given two choices but you can only pick one. After learning a new skill, you can upgrade the skill to make it even stronger.   <img src=
    Critical orb - your cannon will deal a lot more damage when you use it! You can summon powerful heroes or equipments that can help you on your journey. You can use heroes to help you defeat monsters. To level up a hero, you need to have the required materials shown in requirement area. The most common material is ascend orb, which you can get later in the game.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:the easiest way to collect ascend orbs is by performing an ascend, which you can do once you pass stage 20. Leveling up a hero will always increase damage. Some heroes have passive bonuses which will be unlocked at certain levels. So, always remember to level up your heroes whenever you can. When your cannon fires an orb, your hero will collect its power that we call rage. When the rage bar is full, your hero will unleash a powerful special attack.

    Restless Raiders tutorial (wiki): color orbs - generate greater rage when it matches with your hero’s color. Equipments cannot attack on its own, they affect your cannon DMG, so it’s extremely important. But first, you need to equip it. The material required to level up an equipment is different than that of heroes. Equipments are powered by dimensional cube, which you can get from daily dungeons. Like heroes, some equipments also have passive bonuses which will be unlocked at certain levels. Different dungeons will open everyday, so be sure to check back here every day.

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