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    Official site SoulBlade Thirteen Souls cheat world: the rage land has 13 rage clans, serving the 3 most powerful nations of the world. Sky hound, Jade Hare, swift monkey, and bull, they serve the justice kingdom. This nation rules with justice, and divides its royal rights to different regions. The king was killed, throne usurped. You, the prince, was injured during the escape. Redsky took you to the hidden place of the Prophet and used rage power to heal you. When recovered, you leaned that your brother had also survived, and is staying in a nearby city.


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    Controls: tap city to move, moving to unoccupied city will take one month, moving between occupied cities does not cost time. When in non allied city, you can spend one month to visit this city, finis city event and occupy the city. You can do construction in occupied city, developing it into a different type and give it unique features. You can spend one month in occupied city to garrison, encountering different events.

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    SoulBlade Thirteen Souls tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: blade master - a master of the blade that strikes his enemies with deadly speed and force. Rogue assassin - a deadly assassin with lightning reflexes that never fails swiftly silences her enemies. Archimage - a grand master archmage that prefers flying and using forbidden dark magic. Strength Stalward - increases rage regen speed by 100%. Brute - after the battle began to restore 2% of energy per second.   <img src=
    ATK takes away the enemy’s rage and skill decreases the enemy’s HP. Description: fighting from ground to air. Duel purist martial arts. Grab the rage seize victory. Stylish heroes waiting for you! Finish enemy with ultra skill. Combo skills + hero Ultra Skill + Rage Burst Mod -- supreme moves will stun your entire screen! You can only trigger combinations involving various skills such as flying, blocking, dodging, combo hits, and QTE ultra abilities plus rage burst transformations when you react in time, once your energy is filled.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: high difficulty enemies will counterattack in the intervals of your attacks. Don’t attack recklessly. Hitting with skill consumes all rage. The more consumed, the slower it will recover. Obtain more soulstones to unlock more characters. In burst mode, press skill again after it hits to execute the ultimate skills. Hitting with skill will recover from broken status.

    SoulBlade Thirteen Souls tutorial (wiki): you can fuse unused items into another item to strengthen its stats. Make sure you create an account and login so you can save progress and play the game on other devices. Remember to claim your rewards from completed quests. Most incoming projectiles can be reflected by tapping on atk. Decrease an enemy’s rage until it reaches 0 to break their defense and gain more rage.

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