Deadly Convoy cheats code hack (gol, weapon, speed up)
Deadly Convoy hacked
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    Official site Deadly Convoy cheat world: the world’s over! Zombies are real, so real, they’re everywhere! It’s time to save the world. Grab weapons and help me out. Barriers to the six are almost down. Welcome to the post apocalypse world - this is our main camp, where you eat, sleep and train.And of course, to pay for our living, we have to war. Select world map to see your current assignment. This is our mission map.


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    Finish mission in order to unlock new weapons, locations, stories, etc.Mission menu - you can see some details here. On battle screen, you can freely customize your convoy. Our survivors will use whatever we prepare for them on their seat. Try to equip the hunting rifle on the back seat. Unlike ranged weapons, a melee weapon give our survivor better close combat survivability. A little more firepower from a handgun would be a great addition.

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    Deadly Convoy tutorial”  /> <br /> Zombies come from anywhere. In front of you, behind you, under you...anywhere. Headquarters decides everything we can build, craft or upgrade. Upgrade it as soon as you can, so you can always have the strongest equipment available. You need certain player level to upgrade the headquarters. This level will go up as you craft and upgrade buildings and weapons. Upgrading requires resources which you can earn through missions.   <img src=
    Another important utility in your base is tent. It decides how many survivors your camp can support. Upgrading tent increases your maximum survivor. A lot of survivors want to join your forces, they’re gathering around our camp. When you need more manpower, give them a call. Since our headquarters reaches level 2, we got a new vehicle slot opened. Select vehicle tab - on this tab, you can change our vehicle line up. You can directly swap your weapon.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can command a specific vehicle by picking it on the left side control bar. When we have more than just one car in our squad, you can control all of them at once. While controlling all, our vehicles will always try to maintain the original formation. Upgrading a vehicle gives us more health and crash damage. Moreover, upon reaching certain level, your vehicle will grant bonus to survivors fighting on the field such as health, attack speed or damage. Free - it seems everything the counter goes below 30 seconds, it costs you nothing to finish it.

    Deadly Convoy tutorial (wiki): ramming cars into zombies for easy kills! But don’t overdo it, who knows when they’ll be broken. Learn when to drive and when to stop: it’s a vital skill in a zombie world. If you don’t know what to do, take a look at the objective board. Current missions are always displayed on top of the screen. Tap again at the same spot to change your vehicle’s facing direction.

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    11. EM0kk4kQRGD5jXH - premium pack
    12. dcWRbQDVv9uqsCb - food
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