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    Official site Eleria cheat world: it is the year after dawn 1950. Our world, Aervin, had long been at peace. Until, war cast its sanguine shadow. Our world, as we knew it, was destroyed. The shadow lord wreaked havoc across the land, leaving nothing but chaos in his wake. We have no choice - we must defend our home, our freedom, or die trying. The boss is being revived as we speak - we must become stronger. The dark eagle is reviving the boss. We can’t let that happen.


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    YOu can fight automatically once you activate auto combat. You can still control the character manually during auto combat. You’ve obtained piece of new gear? Go to your inventory and replace your old gear. You can skip most quests by tapping the skip button in the top right corner. Clear resource raids to earn massive amounts of materials. Clear the raids to activate star chest. The more stars you get, the more rewards you can claim.

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    Eleria tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: warrior - veteran battle masters. They rely on their strength and heavy armor. Solid as tanks they are in charge of attack and defense on the battlefield. Mages - have utilized the power of elements to the maximum. They manipulate the power of natural elements and are capable of killing enemies in an instant. Assassin - the chosen ones will go through difficult training and rigorous tests. In the end, they will have amazing skills and unparalleled speed, and finally be called assassins.   <img src=
    On the skills interface, you can upgrade your skills and match your skills with suitable skill cards. Above the upgrade button, you can see the detailed effects of the skill upgrade. Each skill can be used with skill card. When you cast a skill, there is a chance to trigger the card effect. make sure you take advantage of the cards. Skills: swift strike - jump back and dive into the enemy in front. Blade of exile - throw a spinning blade in front and cut the enemy with blade wave. Wild dance - throw boomerangs to pull enemies closer.Wild shadow - merge with the shadow, launch towards enemy on the ground.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: before challenging a boss, check its weaknesses and our recommended skill cards. Want a challenge? Go to the land of trials. Materials used for awakening active skills are obtained from 3 star chests in normal raids. Dismantle your spare epic and legendary gear to get their pieces. Use those pieces to buy the gear you want in the legend store.

    Eleria tutorial (wiki): when you reach the online time condition, you unlock a red envelope which can have lots of gold coins inside. Limited to six red envelopes per day. Clear resource raids to earn massive amounts of materials, don’t miss out! Complete daily quests to earn massive experience. Clear whirlpool daily to win amounts of gems. Rewards are sent out via mail, check your mail often.

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