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    Official site Throne of Magic cheat world: a dark land covered in dust. The eternal continent of Dawnstar. The energy crystal brings infinite vitality what comes with it is an abyssal gaze and annihilation. But death is never the end. From nirvana rises the king: power, magic, valor. When the battle calls everyone should put on arms and armour. Warriors charge forward bring glory to the throne. Let your enemies moan under your sword. Fight to the bitter end.


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    Join a country: Holy empire - was built by humans. As a messenger from the creator. All shall return to the magic of the creator. ironblood empire - was built by fanatics of all races. They believe they will submerge everything like a raging iron torrent. Eternal empire - was built by the elf queen. They vow to clean any filth that doesn't belong to nature.

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    Throne of Magic tutorial”  /> <br /> Honored conqueror, welcome to the continent of Dawnstar! Your people have been waiting for you. The situation outside the city is rather unfavorable to us. Numerous forces are preparing to fight a hard war. Please lead your people to construct a castle and improve your military strength. Resource deposits are indispensable facilities to develop your city and also a gauge of your actual strength.   <img src=
    The automatic construction queue is quite well suited. It’s one of the oldest and most powerful spells of the elves. it will be very helpful especially while you are too busy to deal with your buildings. Your honor, i’m pleased to show you the hall of your castle. It’s where you will deal with daily routines. We can upgrade it so that you are can work more efficiently. While a building is being upgraded, we can use magic to make it finish faster, but can reduce time by 5 minutes at most. However, there is also a way to finish it immediately.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can collect daily gifts from your mailbox or use yellow crystals to boost your vip level so that you can increase the duration of free speed up. Academy - by studying technologies, you can improve your actual strength and efficiency in gaining resources. Study technologies as soon as possible so that you are more likely to prevail over your opponents on the battleground.

    Throne of Magic tutorial (wiki): without piece of adventurer battleplate, hero would have been killed. If you equip hero with better items, we will be able to defeat even higher level monsters. Through a dungeon, you will enter a wonderland. If you defeat the boss who defends the wonderland, you will have a chance to recruit him. ANd even you are defeated over there, you will not lose military strength. A stage has a folk house mark. As soon as you complete it, you will unlock your fifth folk house.

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