Panzer Storm cheats code hack (cash, diamond, vip)
Panzer Storm Modern Warfare hacked
  • Android secrets Panzer Storm Modern Warfare: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Panzer Storm Modern Warfare - battle point, oil, treasure chest, orange vehicle, cash, module, gift box, voucher, vip ticket, premium pack, medal, diamonds, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Panzer Storm Modern Warfare cheat world: commander, HQ has agreed the wind action. Our mission is to break terrorist’ defense on this mountain and find out their plan. The more vehicles in battle we put, the more power we get. Click garage and embattle your vehicles. Click campaign button to go on fighting. We need more partners to eliminate the horrible terrorists. There is an arm store in the base. Let’s go and see it. We hope to find a strong partner to help.


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    Maintenance vehicles in charge of the recover of HP in battlefield, which will benefit us a lot. Vehicles with joint connect in battle, can release joint skills. Unlimited power. The joint skills of M60A3 and type 89 MV calls “fire cover” and cen be released after full energy. Remember, the terrorists’ power is stronger and stronger. We need to strengthen ourselves.

    Panzer Storm Modern Warfare cheats android, ios hack codes

    Panzer Storm Modern Warfare tutorial”  /> <br /> Skills: M60A3 - attack front row enemies, promote dodge of our vehicles (chain skill initiator). T-89 MV - maintenance vehicles, recover our vehicles HP. T 75 rocket - a launcher for 30 rockets is fitted in the rear of the vehicle’s hull. Attack 3 enemies randomly, reduce their energy and promote the attacker’s dodge.  The experience card from battle can upgrade vehicles in battle, improving character level and power. When you rise to level 9, 16, the third and 4th position will open, and you can use the chain skill vehicles then.   <img src=
    • real time battle tank wars ahead.
    • Legendary giant gun - defeat it.
    • Powerful joint battle - rule them all.
    • Kill rebel army become invincible.
    • Cross server war - have fun.
    • Unique panzer growth path: equipping 4 series of Armor, outstanding vehicle crews joining, rising your military rank to be a general and vehicle’s enhancement, breakout, training system will make your tank formation invincible.

    cheats Panzer Storm Modern Warfare secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if fighting can not solve the problem, then again 100 times, 1000 times and 10000. Open the star chest to get a large amount of cash and super equipments, also there are a lot of breakout module. Breakout module can be used in vehicle breakout, which will promotes your power, and brings your characters new combat skill. Promoting can improve hero’s attribute widely.

    • after level 55, upgrading reinforcement vehicle can improve the attr of vehicles in battle.
    • Vip 5 will release the function of skipping rebel army. Vip 7 will release sweeping 3 star in anti terrorist training. Vip 3 will release the function of grabbing 5 times.
    • It’s a fast way to improve warpower by rising stars.
    • There must be many rewards inside shining chest.
    • Only scars can prove that you have fought.

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    1. 8MU4G3vftGK9Zj6 - battle point
    2. QPSnMGXXan84Vze - oil
    3. JjzyDt1Cw5bn9fO - treasure chest
    4. 0sD8onRzmpQXaZ0 - orange vehicle
    5. FVKxpWG8HqzyRIC - cash
    6. pFYH4MxqbgMega1 - module
    7. PwVJAzmPbQLWpiz - gift box
    8. jGKWSMNxODxAqTj - voucher
    9. cuDLJrLX6lBysjH - vip ticket
    10. IIpscIZGDSBwsXm - premium pack
    11. 6WHTrBlmLcXf2ef - medal
    12. AWySqVYeLzlxev6 - diamonds
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