Puzzle Hero cheats code hack (gems, tickets, soul stone)
Puzzle Hero hacked
  • Android secrets Puzzle Hero: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Puzzle Hero - gems, hero ticket, gift box, enhancement, evolution, relics, premium pack, gold, runes, upgrade, soul stones, level up, speed ups, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Puzzle Hero cheat world: welcome, we’re so glad to see you here! people of planet Earth are waiting for your help. I’m your instructor cheat-on. I’ll start explaining the game from now on. listen carefully and follow me, are you ready now? You can earn gold every time you kill an enemy. Upgrade your hero with the gold you earned. If you upgrade your hero, you can easily win even stronger enemies.


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    From now on i will explain the puzzle. Puzzles are a very important factor in hero growth. You can match three or more blocks to gain puzzle Experience. As the puzzle level rises, the amount of gold you can get from combat increases. Every time a puzzle matches, a hero of that attribute can cast a powerful skill. And you can win easily.

    Puzzle Hero cheats android, ios hack codes

    Puzzle Hero tutorial”  /> <br /> If you match more than 4 blocks, you will get combo, and you will get much more experience. You can see the detailed explanation with the “?” button. If you touch auto button, the puzzle will be automatically matched at the appointed time. YOu can capture new heroes from the search heroes menu. The next step is team management. Please touch team info button.  <img src=
    You can set up party or enhance heroes here. Select a hero and touch info button. You can enhance heroes with soul stone. Soul stone is acquire through rebirth. Close the team management window and return to the adventure mode. I will give you double speed for 20 min. After that, you can get it after watching Ad.If you go up to stage 50, a powerful boss is waiting. Until then, you’d better make your hero strong enough.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: battle: arena - defeat your opponents and win the booty. Daily dungeon - obtain material items needed for daily growth. World boss - defeat powerful boss and get huge rewards. Challenge tower - higher test your limits. 50 level - the appearance of a powerful boss. From now on you can do rebirth. So if you can not win, try again after rebirth.

    • when you rebirth, you will acquire soul stone. The higher the reach stage, the more soul stone is earned. Stage, level, gold, puzzle level are all initialized.
    • You can collect a variety of heroes of unique character.
    • There are various ways to grow heroes such as Enhancement, Evolution, Relics, and Runes.
    • Grow heroes quickly through puzzle combo.

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    3. 1ZJ2IwPvh7B3KBF - gift box
    4. 7Drx3wKRR9Ji3P6 - enhancement
    5. ubDzGikVBGPzvBI - evolution
    6. ZsfSmW22TiZM75Y - relics
    7. W4SMWEJPdGQEVR5 - premium pack
    8. 74wJQVmeOpXO1kY - gold
    9. dviFRbf18ewycaZ - runes
    10. ZZESaY5QEIbsJ1O - upgrade
    11. KUADnHNLrFajWiS - soul stones
    12. VXrlQj108Tw7Xhh - level up
    13. 5p6jhNHI6ota6x3 - speed up
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