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    Official site Adventure Valley Forgotten Manor cheat world: england 1893 year. Family mansion of lord Kelly! Well, finally we are inside of it. Can you remind why have we come here? In my opinion, this place is unremarkable. Except it looks like a haunted house. This place belonged to a recluse Lord. To a very rich one, i’d say. You cannot even imagine the odd things people of this kind are ready to spend money for. I don’t think you expect to find a collection of old vases here. Well, let’s see what this house can show us.


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    Pull the lever to expand the conductor and direct the energy to the door lock. press corridor to proceed to the next level. Some items can be picked up and used. Press key to add it to your inventory. Press the item in your inventory to open a window with its description. To use the item you should move from your inventory to the object. There can be interactive objects that can moved, rotated, pulled etc. on the levels.

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    Adventure Valley Forgotten Manor tutorial”  /> <br /> Some mechanisms can be activated by solving a puzzle. Press the question mark button to start solving the puzzle. After pressing “i” button, you can read the instructions for solving the puzzle. To solve puzzle you should connect the energy sources (marked with a lightning icon) to the energy receivers (marked with a lock icon) using the conductors (tube cell). Connection occurs by turning the cells (click the cell to turn it).  <img src=
    In solve 2 (the cell) puzzle you should activate the cell in the order specified by the numbers (activated cell turns blue; press the cell to change its state). The figures indicate the number of activated cells in the row (numbers to the left of the field) and in the column (number above the field). Note: sometimes you may not be able to connect al receivers at once.

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