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    Official site War Zone War Strategy cheat world: world is under chaos. Governments have fallen. An organization named storm has taken control. This has lead to formation of independent bases fighting for survival and supremacy. All bases including ours is under threat of attacks now! There are still some enemy forces around the base. Awaiting your orders to rebuild the base.


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    Let’s rebuild our headquarters and barracks. Construct the headquarters to unlock facilities, buy properties and deploy defenses. Construct the barracks to deploy units. keep upgrading to increase the units stationed at base. Barracks capacity - shows the total size of units in base and maximum capacity of the base. Unit size - shows the capacity required in base to deploy each unit.

    War Zone War Strategy cheats android, ios hack codes

    War Zone War Strategy tutorial”  /> <br /> Upkeep - shows the maintenance cost per hr required for each unit, and is automatically deducted from income. keep engaging in missions against storm to earn cash and experience. It helps in leveling up our base and deploying new and stronger units. We need a captain to command our units into battle against enemy and other players in battleground - recruit or hack. <img src=
    Commanding capacity - shows the maximum size of units that can be taken into battleground. Upgrade the headquarters to be able to build intel center and hospital. Intel center - scout enemy bases before attacking in battleground. Build hospital - to be able to heal any units injured during battles. Battleground - here we can attack storm. Outposts and other players who are trying to conquer the world.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: there seem to be many opponents operating close by. let’s checkout their details in intel report before attacking them. Army - this is maximum size of army that we can take into battle. This is based on the army commanding capacity of captains we own. Continue the mission and keep engaging in the battleground to expand our base operations and units. Let’s battle and conquer our way to world domination.

    War Zone War Strategy tutorial (wiki): as we recruit new captains, related assignments become available here. Complete assignments timely to rank up our captains, and command more units into attacks.Complete all the phases of invasion to fight the final battle.Military drills are used to train our units and improve their stats temporarily.

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    10. i5gWXGwyIVlLyhT - gold
    11. V0BYAph4soGE4Di - gem crystal
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