Guardian Prelude cheats code hack(medal, gold, materials, weapon)
Guardian Prelude hacked
  • Android secrets Guardian Prelude: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Guardian Prelude - spirit medal, legendary weapon, gift box, level up, increase attributes, premium pack, materials, gold, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Guardian Prelude cheat world: hello, i am the watche cheat-on, welcome to come and report, we need your help. You look like a burning heart, you may really be a qualified titan warrior! it’s time to start your training. Follow the road to the south of the village and transfer to the first post to talk to Vargus.


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    Destroy the magical objects everywhere, complete the missions everywhere, experience yourself, upgrade your ranks, until you can be entrusted with heavy responsibilities, then destroy more monsters, complete more missions, experience more yourself, and improve more levels until you can be entrusted with more important tasks.

    Guardian Prelude cheats android, ios hack codes

    Guardian Prelude tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: human - the guardian of the faith, the knights templar, which strictly enforce the covenant between god and man, has a divine power beyond the ordinary. Kindred - with one of the gods of the past, the blood of the contract, to obtain a powerful force, but also to follow the oath of blood from generation to generation. Warlock - the blood of the witch originated from the ancient gods and possessed great mental strength and intelligence. The body contained magical powers that could not be neglected.  <img src=
    The titan - one of the ancient human beings had boundless strength and courage, but pride and conceit ultimately led to the decline of the tribe. Dwarves - the faithful people who claim to be the gods of the ancient world, they are short and strong and have a pleasant disposition, but are tempered by the fire and their temper.
    Skills: sunder armor - mass attack, penetrates 20% of armor around enemies, costing mana, cooldown 4 second. Titan force - passive ability increases defense limit. Slam - deals total damage + defense bonus, adds 40 damage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: By learning pharmaceutical skills and making medicines or pharmaceutical, you can get blood and blue supplements, or additional medicinal properties for a period of time, of course, if you learn all kinds of pharmaceutical skill first, then find the right raw materials needed for the item. Kill all monsters, you can drop all levels of skill reels, open the skill reel in the package, you can learn the skill, but only if you current skill level meet the learning requirements, in addition, the leader level monster may fall drop special skill reels, try your luck in the grocery store, and sometimes buy some. A long time ago, upgrading the skill level was a very difficult process. It needed to be experienced in the production process and get the level upgrade. But now, everything is simple. As long as you have enough gold coins to upgrade. level, after the leve is upgraded, you can automatically acquire some skills, and you can also learn the skill reels that meet the skill requirements.

    Guardian Prelude tutorial (wiki): this game can register up to 10 characters per zone. in order to maintain a smooth network and get a better gaming experience, please select the server in your area. Equipment with zero durability will lose all attributes. Every pain is a gain, which will make you better. Lone wolf is easy to kill, a flock of wolves will live forever. Cooking - special foods can be acquired by cooking several ingredients. Stone giant contract - the soul contract of the ancient stone giant, after use, will summon a stone giant of the same level as you, for 5 minutes (beware of its huge foot).

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    5. 5GUlCYyOneqgUiy - increase attributes
    6. hM8DsgcGPSzng3x - premium pack
    7. hy9RxYebG7qEjtY - materials
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