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    Official site Wagers of War cheat world: welcome, each match begins with the mana phase, based off the classic card game of war. You’ve just won your first flip and earned some mana. Second round your opponent’s card was higher, which means be earns the mana. The mana phase continues for a set number of rounds, unless ended early by a tie. As the game progresses, the amount of mana earned per flip increase.


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    Time to learn the basics of board combat. These three board cards are yours to play. Press black card to activate it. Every card you play has a mana cost, you current mana can be found bottom. Press the commit button to confirm your selection. Black cards add stackable, basic armor, red cards - attack. If you don’t defend against attacks you will lose health.

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    Wagers of War tutorial”  /> <br /> Each hero has a unique ability which can be played by pressing hero icon. You can play any combination of cards plus hero ability of you have enough mana. Remember to use as much of your mana as possible. Drag queen to the enemy hero. The queen can throw poison, which is a magic attack that does damage over time. Drag the queen to your own board card to check out its second ability.  <img src=
    The queen’s second ability is switch, which allows you to swap the color of any friendly board card. A well timed reflect using your Jack can cause an opponent’s attacking board card to backfire. Use the immune ability defensively to protect your board card from negative effects. As you can see, face card abilities come in many varieties, and are activated in different ways. Kings and aces have unique abilities as well.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: warcards are unique and collectible, they have many different special powers and can be used to create customized decks. Warcard (shield) - it provides the same basic armor as the black board cards and will stack when played together. Advanced shields are also available and provide extra protection, but they don’t stack the same as basic armor.

    Wagers of War tutorial (wiki): pre strike is unique because it attacks before your opponent has a chance to gain armor. Hardened shield - this will give you bonus protection against some attacks, just remember it does not stack. Warcards come in many unique varieties. Discover them all and build powerful decks by earning gold and opening packs. Some warcards have more advanced abilities such as retaliate. Cards like retaliate are reactive, and are triggered in response to something your opponent plays.

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