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    Official site Azur Lane cheat world: the world order is crumbling. Those with power must stand up and fight against the currents of evil and the torrents of history. It is known, however, that power begets power, bringing forth even stronger waves. Are you the new commander? Welcome to the world of Azur Lane. I’ll be your teacher. First, let’s build a new ship. Use wisdom cubes and coins to expand your fleet. How about trying to build a light ship first? Light - destroyers, cruisers, carriers, repair ships, monitors and more. Tap build to get started.


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    Tap finish now to instantly complete construction. Let’s add your new ship to your formation. Keep in mind that destroyers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers may only be deployed to your team’s vanguard. Carriers and battleships must be placed towards the back in the main fleet. Tap add to select a new ship - your new ship is in formation, firepower has been greatly improved. Our next mission is to support the Eagles’ aviation fleet combat drills. Tap attack to get started.

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    Azur Lane tutorial”  /> <br /> Select the offshore exercises stage. Menu - this is where you’ll see various details about the stage. Tap go to start searching for the enemy. Now, select which fleet to attack with. YOu don’t have any choices right now, so just select fleet 1. We must first test your skills in defeating the enemy vanguards.We were ambushed! You can choose whether you want to attack or evade. Your fleet’s total evasion will determine whether or not you can evade enemies successfully or not.  <img src=
    Tap battle to start battle! You have to spend oil in order to launch attacks. Each ship uses different amounts of oil. Open up your mission log. All missions and their details will be posted here. Collect your rewards in the missions log. Tap gear to see what gear character currently has equipped. Tap a gear slot to add gear. Reinforce - this si where you’ll see the gear’s stats after it’s be enhanced.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: charge ships only appear on the battlefield for amount of time. Make sure not to miss them. If you mainly aim your battleships’ guns and land a bullseye, damage will be increased by 20%. Characters will fire their weapons automatically, but you also have more firepower available at your disposal. Tap the button below to unleash a barrage for torpedoes.

    Azur Lane tutorial (wiki): shield type skills can only block smaller ammo and cannot block shells from main guns, torpedoes, or aircraft attacks. Simple line formation is a solid choice for damage. Complex line formation is loaded with evasion. Wheel formation is a good choice to improve aircraft performance. You choose whether or not to display custom ship names in settings> notifications> other.

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