League of Stickman OL cheats code hack (gold coins, gem crystal, hero)
League of Stickman OL hacked
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    Official site League of Stickman OL cheat world: after the zombie crisis broke out, our top priority is to against the zombies and rescue the ordinary people who are not infected. Soon after the virus broke out, heroes met a father and his daughter in the rescue mission. Zombies are everywhere in the city and the disease is spreading so fast. This is the story about them.


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    The stats obtained from upgrade base will be added to the hero. The crystal energy obtain from raid can be used to upgrade heroes. Heroes get extra basic stats bonus through weapon enhancement. Weapon shards dropped from stages can be used to boost your weapon. You can also get some weapon shards by smelting lower quality weapon. Each chapter will be guarded by a boss, come and challenge it!

    League of Stickman OL cheats android, ios hack codes

    League of Stickman OL tutorial”  /> <br /> Skills: magnet dash - strong strike generates nuclear magnetic shield and impact the enemies. Magnet fall - hook to release electromagnetism. Then fall down to hit the floor scattering magnetic light. Weapon skill - can solve the crisis in the battle. The weapon skill will not consume energy. Death ray - spray powerful arc pulse forwards, deals damage and cause slowdown to the target enemy.  <img src=
    Friend system - you can communicate with each other and learn from them through the friends system in the game. Communicate more with friends during the journey. Challenges: coins raid - challenge your limit and earn huge amounts of coins. Crystal energy raid - pass through the traps to earn crystal energy. Various bosses to combat. Authentic sequel to league of matchstick me. Ever changing stage experience.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: go to upgrade your skills if you cannot defeat the monster. Unlock and develop the black tech to enhance power. Infectors who inhale red dust, their incidence cycle is different, some mutate immediately. Infector will have a huge chance in shape, silicified crystals will emerge. Zombie variation has lost humanity, they feed on fresh and blood. Equip the black tech and you can use the super skill.

    League of Stickman OL tutorial (wiki): promotion of the hero will unlock new hero skills. You can get the black tech materials if you explore raid. Inhalation of mysterious red crystals to respiratory system will silicify human DNA. Want to get more gold and crystal energy? Come to challenge in the hero trial. Complete different raid challenges to receive different rewards.

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    4. Zp6oW6fivaHlHgh - gold coins
    5. HvEPLWVZX0kAbsS - gift box
    6. 4QvQLZ0kPs1oxg6 - upgrade
    7. HnoWWHmRwXNVZLg - level up
    8. xgV3vJuYNbiD5SC - premium pack
    9. U0PV5pdYkYlhOyj - promo code
    10. tUU70okmNhYOvYC - evolve
    11. c2v3KKiAVMv7ZU5 - enhance materials

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