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    Official site Devil Crasher cheat world: controls: type and counter- each type in Sinister has a weak point with each other. Attack the weakness and the AP goes up one. Ap requires as a point in skill usage (recover +! per phase). All Sinisters on battle use it together. Skill burns AP as much as shown on icon. Etterila’s bar - take a request from Etteila of the Etteila’s bar. We can get various rewards that fit the challenge level of request.


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    Deal through basic attack until AP gets enough. Killing monster grant also AP. Skill and chain effect - Chiral’s active skills are more than twice as likely to become dazed when placed in 4 chain or more. The battle depends on what skill you put in the chain. Sinister achieves Ult with 2 tier. Radar - the radar in a left eye of Tesla looks for a place with a high Elunic response. If the Elunic reaction is too strong, be careful. We might face a Colossus (real time raid).

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    Devil Crasher tutorial”  /> <br /> Chained Overkill - if you kill a weaked target with chained skill, the AP will increase by five. This is called chain overkill. Khan - the phenomenon of underground's Elunic bursting onto the ground is called a “Khan’. And when the Khan happens, Elunic turns the living things around into monsters. The Sinisters for Elunic and Chiiral to stop Elunic from spreading. There is no choice but to have a fight in Khan with Sinisters.  <img src=
    Chain of skill - skills are chained in order of attack, recovery, enchant and weakness. Please check the type of skills. Bonus skill - character wins a bonus skill with 3 tier. Bonus skills are activated automatically when the conditions are met. Hunter support supplies - Etteila from the bar gives the hunters three supplies a day. You don’t have to thank Etteila for giving her more work.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: kill target with weakness attack grants overkill. When overkill succeeded, Ap will increase by 3. Pona’s bonus skill recovers a small amount of health for attacked allies. So when Pona gets on 3 tier, the battle patterns change again. With radar, you can navigate many events in each region. Basically, the battle requested from Etterila’s bar can only be found through radar. The radar is based on the region. You need to check out the area of Sinister, quest. The radar gets heated when used. The radar has to cool down before using again. While the radar is cooling, try to achieve many of the events found.

    Devil Crasher tutorial (wiki): attacking weakness grants AP to increase 1. The clue for obtaining the information on the Sinister. Take it to Etteila and she will look for the Sinister. Elunic - it’s a mysterious force that was sealed in underground. Character levels rise when it absorbs Elunic. Chiral’s active skills are more than twice as likely to become dazed when placed in 4 chain or more. The battle depends on what skill you put in the chain.

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