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    Official site War of Summoners cheat world: summoner, Evelia’s mind is being controlled, please help me to take back the front. Shortly after the capture of Evelia by Gillash, residents of the town ran for help saying they have been harassed by unknown monsters on the edfe of the city. As the Lord of the city, Nida goes to the gate with summoner. Tap on the ground outside the red line, you can deploy a hero. Tap on the skill icon, you can cast the skill.


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    My name is cheat-on, please help us to rebuild our ruined city. I will assist you. I will show you what’s in shop: resources, defense, functional, buildings, shield, statues and decorations. No need to wait for such construction time, use a hack cheat magic code to complete it now. Don’t have a new slot? We need to build more hero hall! But we should upgrade our base first.

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    War of Summoners tutorial”  /> <br /> If you want to deploy a hero, you need to use hero hall. Heroes can be upgraded by drinking experience potions. Training more heroes is key to win campaign. Hero’s active skill can upgrade by using sources. Don’t forget the followers of the heroes. They can be helpful in the battle. Rebuilding the city requires a lot of resources, when the resources are not enough, we can “borrow” some from others.  <img src=
    Yes, this is where you can meet the adventurers from the other worlds, (whisper) defeat them to get glory and golds. Magic cannon can only attacks ground units. Death eye will give priority to attack the heroes. Crystal tower deals a high damage, but it can only attack one target at the same time. You can also create your own league, just need to consume some gems.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we have completed a lot of events, let’s go to claim the rewards. There are lots of your accomplishments in this world recorded in achievements. Don;t forget to check. Collect hero fragments to increase the character’s star level. I wrote you a guide note in the top left corner, which will make your early adventure easier.

    War of Summoners tutorial (wiki): check out your mailbox to find some rewards you might missed. After the upgrade base, if the level of your opponent’s main city lover, you will get less loots from your opponent before you update. Want to have more base design? Tap main city to edit the base. League beast will protect you when other players attack your base.

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