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    Official site Identity V cheat world: my name is Opheus. Once a novelist, but after losing my memory, i couldn’t complete any valuable writing. Now i’m just a private detection with no clients. Until, i received this strange request: investigate an infamous estate and find a man’s lost daughter. Besides the check, it was the name on the letter that intrigued me. An alias that almost nobody knew, but me.


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    After nearly half a day on the road, i have finally arrived at the manor mentioned in the commision letter. Due to the unexpected storm, the dilapidated main house in the huge manor became my first destination. As i entered the main house, i found that most of the rooms inside were in disrepair due to years of neglest. The rain and cold kept urging me to leave this place. Until i opened the door of the living room. For somewhere that has been deserted for ten years, this room is in remarkable condition. I think i’ll stay here for the night.

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    Identity V tutorial”  /> <br /> But it’s too dark in here. I need to find an alternative light source before the fuel in this lantern runs out. Move the joystick to search the lobby. That strange commission letter didn’t mention how creepy this manor is. “Event records” saves collected clues. Tap the commission letter: “Please forgive my abruptness. I’m your most loyal reader devouring all your works, every incredible stories. I fell sorry for the misfortunes you have suffered. As a private detective, you have got experiences beyond comparison in the field of crime deduction. <img src=
    Please forgive my presumptuousness, once again, Generally, commissions like this should be entrusted in person. But i could not leave my wife’s with her illness. Our daughter disappeared three days ago - that torture us in these days. I would not trouble you it it had been just a normal kidnapping. While her missing was completely out of the ordinary. She was snatched right off her aunt’s empty house in the countryside. Then someone saw her miles away on the some day. At first we thought the witness was just a fake one for ransom. Through, it turn out that was the the only clue we ever found. Soon we realized this serious situation - the place she spotted was right near that “infamous manor”. It hurt us when we found her clothe in the bushes around the manor. “

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap the escape button under settings to quickly escape. Slide your finger to look around. Tap the sprint icon and escape from the basement. Use the windowsill to lose the hunter. Tap the action button to vault the window. Hunters need more time to vault windows. We need to hurry and find the cipher machine. The survivors’ objective is to decode a specific number of cipher machines. Drag the camera upwards to look for glowing antennas and locate cipher machines.

    Identity V tutorial (wiki): tap the action button to decode the cipher machine. Decode enough cipher machines to activate the switch for the exit gates. Open the gate and escape. The top of the screen displays the two remaining undeciphered machines. When the needle is in the target area, tap the action button to continue decoding. The hunter will be alerted to your location once the cipher machine is decoded. Stun the hunter with pallet.

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