Angry Birds Evolution cheats code hack (gold, gem diamond, premium egg)
Angry Birds Evolution hacked
  • Android secrets Angry Birds Evolution: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

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    Official site Angry Birds Evolution cheat world: oh gosh, our eggs! The pigs stole them. We’re going to reclaim all of our precious eggs. Help me kick some booty: drag to aim, release to shoot. If anyone can help us out of this piggle, it’s Mighty eagle. Let’s go to his cave on Eagle mount. Every angry bird has a super shot! mine can be used every 3 attacks! The big number over head shows when it’s ready.


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    Black birds are known for their explosive personalities, hitting all enemies in an area. It’s an awesome super shot if you’ve got the aim to match. The number above each pig shows how many turns you can take before the pig attacks. Try to take pigs out before they attack. The Hatchery is where you’ll find bird town’s angriest birds. Premium egg - contains only powerful 2-5 star birds. The stars indicate a bird’s power. Drag your new bird into the free team slot.

    Angry Birds Evolution cheats android, ios hack codes

    Angry Birds Evolution tutorial”  /> <br /> Chariotte’s parents are still setting a compensation suit with the chick sitter for the loss of her feathers, while Kumiko’s parents haven’t been able to locate great grandmother in months! Anthony - sees cracked eggs in his dreams. Cracked eggs everywhere. You’ll find him super gluing his eyelids open every day around dusk. Hobby - sitting on park benches. Red bird super shots punch pigs for massive damage and push them around.  <img src=
    Skills: Combat skill - dash through enemies, dealing damage and tagging them for guaranteed critical hits next turn. Leader bonus - all yellow birds in team get +30% attack power. Growd control - picks up a rock and all small pigs within radius and throws everything at the birds dealing medium damage. Each thrown pig increases the damage dealt.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: upgrade- drag the bird you want to level up into the slot above. Then drag another bird into the slot on the right so he levels up the first one. The other bird will cream pure anger into him. Your team power increases as you add new angry birds. With a strong team, you’ll be able to beat stringer pigs.

    Angry Birds Evolution tutorial (wiki): blast multiple enemies with black bird super shots. Gold coins - these precious coins are useful for a lot of things, most notably leveling and evolving your birds. They can be gained from almost any type of battle. Shiny bird - these guys are worth a load of experience or gold. Birds: Kimiko - and her best friend Chariotte are like two very cute peas in a pod. However, as the saying goes: street angel, house devil.

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    1. rpC76EvMtQyBDOR - gold
    2. YM5Xt9VTClAMIfH - diamonds
    3. tfHaZYN7jH84TdR - upgrade
    4. 4nIVSaKXHLsh0vC - gift box
    5. Tm11j4KLaagsl57 - premium egg
    6. cWzHVhcBWD4Riq5 - 5 star bird
    7. jBBGky4SRKLdWDL - vip bird
    8. MnT853CQXshY6Vf - gem crystal
    9. jN6MeGYi5i14D2H - evolve

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