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    Forged Battalion Official site: Towards the end of the 21st century, the effects of climate change became evident to even the most skeptical observer. Coastal regions shrank, desert regions expanded, and several areas of the globe became far too hot to be habitable. Governments collapsed as food and water shortages led to riots, soaring crime rates and all-out rebellion. Vast migrations of entire cultures led to wars over who would absorb all the refugees when every country was unstable.
    It was a man named Miles Thymos who rose up to be the world's savior. Thymos introduced his new technology, the Modular Manufacturing Plant: construction techniques that created underground living spaces, food, jobs and hope. He offered the world this tech for free... in exchange for their countries. Desperate for any aid, many took the offer and seemingly prospered. He gave the rest ten years to decide. At the end of that decade, he decided for them.


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    Thymos had not just invented new ways to live, he had also invented new ways to wage war. His underground factories created modular systems to allow base chassis to be outfitted with nearly any type of weapon needed for the task. No matter how their enemies fought, the Collective could counter it with ease. And with each region that they absorbed, the technology and knowledge of that enemy was added to the Collective's repertoire.
    Present day: The Collective currently controls most of the world, each region ruled by generals and armies named after totem animals. Pockets of resistance hold out on multiple continents but they are scattered and poorly led. Rumors of a major resistance are just that: rumors. And then there are those that live outside of the Collective or any resistance, just trying to stay hidden and live free. You are the leader of the Charleston Settlement, one of those free towns...

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    Forged Battalion tutorial”  /> <br /> HQ - it controls all of the functions of the MMP. With this we can construct above ground factories and support structures. Normally these factories can build all kinds of things, but we don’t know how yet.  Refines resources collected by harvester. Includes free harvester when built. Power plant - adds 300 power to base. Power output can be modified by HQ upgrades. Barracks - allows production of infantry. Can produce up to four infantry types.  <img src=
    mission overview - our target is a research facility located in the valley. It’s not a military facility, but they will have standard defenses. Their communications center will have access to the collective’s main data network. We need to destroy all of the other buildings but leave the comm center intact while we download the schematics for the MMP. With those we will be able to do more than run on factory settings.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Forged Battalion Infantry chassis Infantry chassis - an exosuit frame for infantry. Can socket weapon and support upgrades.Forged Battalion Machine gun Machine gun - adds machine gun mount to infantry chassis. Forged Battalion Improved armorImproved armor - increases the base health of the chassis by 50%. Infantry with this upgrade cannot be crushed. Turret chassis - a stationary turret, can socket weapon and support upgrades. Forged Battalion harvester Harvester - collect minerals wealth from deposits and returns it to the refinery.

    Forged Battalion tutorial (wiki):use the MMP to eliminate any collective forces in the area. The installation is new, so the factories will likely only have the default settings for production. Customize your unique faction in a new take on real-time strategy as you fight in a variety of skirmish, solo, and multiplayer battles. You are not only a commander, but also an engineer – so you have ultimate control over your faction’s units, factories, superweapons and economy.

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