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    Official site Command & Conquer Rivals cheat world:”Command fire the nuclear missile to win the battle. We need to take control of the nuclear missile and defend long enough for it to launch. To control the missile, we’ll need to build some troops. Build a squad of riflemen. Units must be given orders to act! Tap the riflemen to select them. Tap to move your riflemen onto the missile platform to control the missile. Controlling the platform will fill the missile bar. Once full, the missile will launch and destroy your enemy,


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    Enemy forces incoming - attack them with your riflement ”Command. When the missile changes control it does not reset the missile bar, take it back at the last second to steal it. Move a unit onto a missile platform to take back control. Add new units to your army in order to bring them into battle. Only attack enemies that your units are strong against.

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    Command & Conquer Rivals tutorial”  /> <br /> I’ll be your opponent for the rest of your training.Once finished, you’ll be ready to fight other players. We have to construct a building before we can produce units. Build the barracks to unlock infantry units. Now build some units to capture the missile platform. Every unit is one of these types: infantry<img src=, vehiclesCommand & Conquer Rivals vehicles, aircraft Command & Conquer Rivals aircraft. Every unit is also strong against one or more of these types. Attack with the right unit to win. Enemy sending a vehicle against us! We need to build a unit that’s strong against.
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    Tap and hold on a unit’s button to see what it’s strong against. Riflemen - provides vision up to 3 tiles away and reveals adjacent stealthed units. Missile squad - reveals adjacent stealthed units. Pitbull - can attack while moving. What is your unit strong against? Your selected unit is strong against the enemy types highlighted in green.Command & Conquer Rivals unit strong against

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you’ve earned enough credits to train a unit. Training a unit makes it more powerful. Most units have a unique ability, giving them a specific purpose on the battlefield. Three missile platforms - we’ll need to control more of them than the enemy to fire the missile. Commander powers have long cooldowns but can help turn the tide of battle. Mine is the minigun turret - constructs a turret that is strong against infantry and aircraft anywhere on the battlefield. Loses health over time.

    Command & Conquer Rivals tutorial (wiki): some units, like the pitbull, have unique traits. Tap and hold the pitbull button to see its unique trait. You’ve earned enough extra cards to level up your riflemen. Leveling up a unit makes it much stronger, but it must be fully trained first. Kill your enemy’s harvester to slow down often they can build units. Harvesters collect the extra Tiberium on the battlefield. Build a harvester to collect tiberium more quickly.

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