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    Official site King Of Hunters cheat world: welcome to the training grounds, my warrior. Kindly tell me how you actually fare, so that i can make a training regime tailored to your needs: veteran, beginner. Next, follow the tutorial and complete a series of tests. Wish you good luck! Use the stick to move your character. If you run into obstacles while you are moving around, you can jump. Jumping is also used to jump through windows and for certain other actions.


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    Very good, next let’s learn how to pick up equipment and items on the battlefield. Tap the icon of an item to pick it up. Weapons and armor will be equipped automatically when you pick them up. Next, let’s learn how to use a weapon during battle. Try using a weapon skill to attack: King Of Hunters skill”  />, <img src=
    Let’s learn how we can use different objects on the map to hide. Move to the thicket inside the glowing circle.Thickets and other covers can be used to hide. When hiding, your character will enter stealth mode. Now the enemy won’t spot you so easily, which gives you a chance to defeat them with a surprise attack. There are many objects on the map one can interact with, learn how to use them.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: There are buildings scattered across the map, to enter them, we’ll first have to learn how to open doors. When we move close to interactable objects, the interact button King Of Hunters the interact button”  />will appear on the screen. Tap it to interact with the object.  <img src=

    King Of Hunters tutorial (wiki): infernal fire - it will explode after you toss it, and enemies will take higher damage the closer they are to the center of explosion. Drag the infernal fire icon on the hotkey bar to throw it. Tip: try to control the direction of your infernal fire as enemies closer to the point of explosion take higher damage. Once activating the mechanism, enemy approaching will get hurt during the effective time. You can now embark on your journey, my warrior.

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