Fountain Commander cheats code hack (gold, gem, diamond chest)
Fountain Commander hacked
  • Android secrets Fountain Commander: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Fountain Commander - gold, epic card, gems, puzzle, gift box, diamond chest, premium pack, fragments, promo code, upgrade, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Fountain Commander cheat world: commander, our fountain is being attacked! Let’s start a fight now. The enemy troops is about to attack soon! please send soldiers to meet the enemy attack immediately. Building resource points can accelerated resources collecting. Resource point - after building a certain amount of water droplets will be produced at fixed time. Commander, the battlefield changes unpredictably, so make the most of the skills is very vital.


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    Please drag the skill icon to release the skill:Fountain Commander skill”  /><img src= satan - has super high ability of attacking. Life steal as well as ignoring damage. Fountain Commander fire shooterFire shooter - althrough the individual is weak, the destructive force after unity will be very surprising. Fountain Commander demon alchemist Demon alchemist - he always likes to play with fireball which he is proud of it. The fireball can damage 3 units. Fountain Commander ThorThor- can summon thunder attack lots of enemies. Thors attack cannot be dodged.
    Fountain Commander gift box
    Fountain Commander Giant hammer Giant hammer - the barbarian with rough skin can reduce damage to him by 20%. Fountain Commander bird manBird man - can change the airflow by flapping the wings, generating tornado to attack the enemy. Birdman's attack cannot be dodge. There is one soldier who can be upgraded. Upgrade soldier can improve its power and earn experience level up the commander.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:complete main task - collect fragments to activate SSR card. Level up to earn rewards - level up to designated level to claim designated rewards during the event. Description: expand your collection; discover new cards; unlock new mode; conquer with strategy.

    Fountain Commander tutorial (wiki): star burst - deal damage to 3 random units in the scope, invalid to the buildings. It is a instant and mild android PvP strategy game about attacking and protecting castle with soldiers from being by the attackers, a new type of android game that combines SLG with RTS. You are the legendary commander of your own epic fountain base, skillfully manipulating a group of bizarre soldiers.

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    6. rPLPRV8upJZ1pFF - gift box
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    8. aAjhYIiLYDHstKN - fragments
    9. j6PQJNUtYTKLLhD - promo code
    10. TtfblGVRZkwD6by - upgrade
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