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    Official site Divine Academy cheat world: welcome to ancient greece - the place, where myth and reality are one. This is the divine academy - this is the starting point of every god. Zeus, Hades and Poseidon established it many centuries ago. Athena will be your first teacher. Hermes knows everything about money. And Chloris takes care of the nature. Gorgeous Aphrodite and fearless Ares will be your fellow students. Become a new god of the Olympus. Great deeds await you!


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    Greetings, young god! You have managed to ascend where Zeus has trod. Athena and i are nurturing young talents at the divine academy. Pay attention - and you will learn quickly. Tap on the garden and you can collect some food. Tap on the tree, and your resident will begin collecting wood. Don’t forget to pick up your reward. Use the resource collector spell to collect wood quickly. Don’t waste the powers in turn - there are so many spells you’ve yet to learn. With this spell, you can forget about the axe and pickaxe.

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    Divine Academy tutorial”  /> <br /> Use resource collector spell to collect wood for building construction. Resource collector <img src= - Draw the lines with your finger to activate the spell. Spell require magic power that is contained in droplets of mana. This is the easiest way to refill your magic energy. Not enough mana? Collect droplets and restore your mana to cast spells.
    Divine Academy gift box
    Your people don’t have anywhere to live. First you need to build a house on a vacant space. Let’s speed up the construction. For this, use the magic crystals Divine Academy magic crystals, or hack cheats code. Remember, the more houses you have, the more revenue you will get. Earn your first money by collecting gold Divine Academy gold from the houses. Do this regularly to get stable revenue. Tap on the house Divine Academy house - here you can see how much gold each house gives you. Give a few crystals to your residents, and you will instantly receive gold.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: pick up the fallen mana droplets Divine Academy mana droplets. With their help, you will restore your mana supplies. Complete grass dweller set before your workers destroy everything. Tap on the grass to clear the area. You can find magic crystals in the chests. Sets - tap on exchange and you will get a valuable reward. Remember, the only way to earn respect and glory is with the sword. It is time your residents learned how to get food from the land.

    Divine Academy tutorial (wiki): Top menu - here you can see the number of residents ”Divine. Quest icon - all new tasks show up here. Choose small deal and the workers will begin to grow vegetables. Build more houses to get new residents for work. Look at all those sweet animals around. I know they are trouble, but don’t do them any harm! Better complete the scarecrow set. And let your people cultivate the land more often. Regularly seed your vegetable gardens and collect the harvest to be the first one to complete the scarecrow set and pass the test.

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