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    Official site ARK Survival Evolved Mobile cheat world:items: navigation kit ”ARK - a mysterious map and compass you found nestled in your underwear. To survive, you have to eat! Gather 30 berries from surrounding bushes. You’ll get thirsty too! Entering any body of water should quench your thirst, You’ll also be able to craft a water pouch for excursions through dry areas. Then find what you need to craft a campfire. To see a complete list, select the campfire in your crafting tab. A stone pick can be used to collect flint.


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    Find a stone on the ground. Look at it, and tap the right side of the screen to collect it. Various trees provide thatch. harvest them until you’ve collected 10 thatch. Craft a stone pick ”ARK: you’ve collected enough materials. Select the stone pick from the crafting tab in your inventory and craft it. Stone pick - a large pick for harvesting primarily flint from rocks, thatch from trees, and meat from bodies. Torch ”ARK- provides light, and some warmth. Doubles as a melee weapon in a pinch.

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    ARK Survival Evolved Mobile tutorial”  /> <br /> Select your newly crafted stone pick from your inventory and tap “use” to equip it. Double tap and hold to repeat gathering or attacks. The hot bar lets you quickly access items in game. Open your inventory to place your stone pick in the hot bar. Now use the hot bar to switch to your hands. The hot bar can also be a row of on screen buttons via the game options in your player menu.  <img src=
    Engrams - choose engrams to learn, spending your available engram points. Campfire ARK Survival Evolved Mobile campfire - perfect for cooking meat, staying warm, and providing light. Find a good spot to build a campfire (avoid predators). Then select and use your campfire from your inventory to place it. Place wood or thatch into the campfire. Aim at the campfire and tap its inventory button in the upper left. Double tap on items to transfer them to the fire.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you’ll need a better weapon for this pursuit. Learn the stone hatchet engram from the engrams section of the player menu. Stone hatchet - a sharp flint hatchet for harvesting wood from trees, stone from rocks and skin from bodies. Hide is harvested from dead creatures. Use your hatchet to easily kill and harvest hide from less dangerous creatures.

    ARK Survival Evolved Mobile tutorial (wiki): Hide sleeping bag - acts as a single use respawn point, only usable by you. Male and female creatures can often be distinguished by their color patterns, with the males of many species tending to have brighter colors. Use your map, or look on the horizon for your green body beacon, to locate your corpse. Die? You’ve lost your stuff. Use the hot bar or your inventory to open your nav kit and see where you died on the map.

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