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    Official site Tales of Erin cheat world: 2000 years have passed as if the joy of Lords are felt by me. Oh creatures on the earth. When i wield the scythe the world will be returned to its lords. Please the sleeping God of Shiro stop me, prevent the coming of Erin’s winter. Alven is in danger now. Don't worry, reliable friends will soon be coming to your aid. Please follow the guide and click the summon button on the bottom right.


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    Summon: purchase stargem ”Tales, jade exchange ”Tales, rounds of character ”Tales.You’ve met a new friend, invite hero to your party (tap on the party button on the bottom left). Ero the healer will be helpful in your party, please continue your adventure. Tap on battle to start your adventure. You can also choose to make some preparations before you enter the stage.

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    Tales of Erin tutorial”  /> <br /> Warriors are good at attracting enemy’s attacks and protection the allies. In general, warriors’ ultimate skills deal massive damage but its range is limited. Tap on the skill icon to cast the ultimate skill <img src= . Higher combo grants higher damage bonus. Mages are good at taking down multiple enemies at once. Archers can deal massive damage to a single target.
    Tales of Erin gift box
    Characters: Valla (grand spirit of spring) - become disciple of Valla and receive the title green successor. Increase the attack of our water characters by 80%. SKills: spring sonata, mass rejuvenation, spiritual realm, green rufes. It seems the other me has remembered the power of divinity presence. Divinity presence can instantly turn the tide of the battle. You may spend real money or hack cheats to purchase the virtual currency: star gem. Star gem can be used to summon powerful heroes, or to purchase powerful items.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you earn some fruits of trial from the battle. use them to enhance your character. Give it to Leefa and see what happens. This little fruit can enhance your body and increase your experience gained in battle. Isn’t it incredible? Secret 2: enemy boss has a rage bar. A yellow rage bar indicates that the Boss is enraged players can reduce the boss’ rage by dealing damage to it. Code tip: you may spend currencies in item shop for various items. There is no limitation to the number of items that player can purchase from the item shop. Hack: jades can be used to purchase special items or virtual currencies. There is a limitation to the amount of items that a player can purchase every month. Jades can be gained by spending star gems for costume summon.

    Tales of Erin tutorial (wiki): send 8 characters into the grand rumble! Hundreds of monsters are waiting for you challenge. Darkside ruins was catacomb for demised royal members. Now monsters swarm out from its basement. Monsters wandering in catacomb show no mercy on strayed treasure hunters. Use challenge coupons to gain more challenge chances.

    Zealous blade - divinity crafted with many lords’ dignified manner. Transform the weapon into a war lord by high spirit, creating cruel killings in battlefield. The battle ended at the dusk of the third day. Demonic god with 8 heads roared and tumbled down. His blood became a lakes and his body became island in the center. However, people didn’t feel relaxed. No matter how hard they searched, the hero - God of White was nowhere to be found. At the dawn of the 7th day, rumble were heard near demonic God’s stiff body, a sord pierced through from within. God of White came out from that body! Demon’s blood colored her armor, along with her long hairs blowing in the wind like flame. With applauds of people, the dominion of Demonic God came to the end. Her bravery was depicted in drawing and worshiped as God of war onwards.

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