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    Official site Overwatch - Reinhardt cheat world: Reinhard is a hero rich with little tricks and techniques being the most mellow heavy hero in all of overwatch. Good Reinhard please muslin every trick in the book. In order to outplay their enemies forth at a distance, and also when it is hammer time don't forget to go ahead, and subscribe if this site helps you out. So you don't miss any future content, so let's get started with tip number one: shield dancing why not be most elegant dance the world has ever seen. This is a great trick when looking to close the gap on enemies quickly while still walking, a good amount of spam damage. Shield dancing or rather shield hopping simply means to repeatedly jump as you run toward your enemies, and every time you are airborne activate your barrier this will afford, you around 50% barrier of time while you approach your enemies while barely slowing down your movement speed. At all this is a particularly useful technique when speeding quickly to an objective to force a fight when on a tank.


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    An example: might be when attacking an assault map like Hana Mora objective be by pushing quickly onto the objective, you can: force some enemies to drop down from the high ground, to contest the two main things: to remember when shield dancing, how to do it with purpose meaning. You are benefiting from the increased mobility by pushing forwards, and secondly you are not facing enemy snipers. The last thing you want to do is allow a widow headshot to sneak past your barrier, and dome your innocent and defenseless. Maire use shield dancing to gain ground quickly otherwise shielding your allies.

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    Overwatch - Reinhardt tutorial”  /> <br /> Tip number two: cancelling swings while in the middle of a Hana swing, you're actually able to cancel the melee animation at any time simply by right-clicking. Many Reinhardt players know this however, failed to exploit it when dueling an enemy Reinhardt. You can bait out his earth shatter by dropping your shield, swinging the hammer then reactivating the shield as soon as the melee swing has landed. This is because the damage from the hammer swing is dealt very early in the animation, this allows you to land some chip damage while also ensuring. That your Reinhardt nemesis will have a hard time getting an earth shadow passed you with the added bonus, that he may try to earth shatter, and waste it entirely. Other than that this tip is great for most close-range jewels, so you should definitely spend some time in practice to learn. The exact timing of the mellah swing again the idea is to allow the animation to continue until the precise moment the hammer connects and deals damage, then toss up your shield. <img src=
    tip number three: punting enemies Reinhardt's Hana swinging a will of course knock its victims slightly in a certain direction. Depending on the direction of the swing kind of like a giant baseball bat. This means that you can disrupt enemy positioning simply by holding down your left click, and clubbing your target from side to side. However a better way of doing this sometimes is to left-click your target one swing at a time. This means you will always knock your target to the left, this can be super powerful for displacing an enemy Reinhardt, or knocking an overextended enemy deeper into your team denying his escape it will also allow you to avoid accidentally, knocking fleeing enemies further afield thus adding their skip. So consider where your enemies as standing where they want to be standing, and how you can interfere with their plans. The most difficult part about this trick is actually remembering to use it, and avoid the maddening urge to simply hold it down your left click, and end your place in Valhalla. But it is is subtle trick used by the pros sets them apart from the rest.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Tip number four: countering McCreevy anemic replayer worth his salt will be itching to rush your barrier and flashbang over the top of the shield. At the earliest opportunity he can see and it is your job to be ready for this. Now you can answer an advancing McCree with a kind of flick shield, where you activate the barrier, and snap it upwards very quickly to block the incoming flash bang. And this can work just fine if you feel you were in the enemy macri's head, and can pull this player off. However the safest way to go about this is simply to tweak the angle of your barrier by default when facing the cream. You can Emily barrier upward and hold it Bell, and if you do this at just the right angle, the shield will still be extending all the way down to the ground. While also forcing McCrea to push in extremely far to toss the flashbang over the realigned barrier, of course if he does this you can raise the shield even higher still as shown in the flick shield example, and Makris eagerness to land Eastern will often get him killed.

    Overwatch - Reinhardt tutorial (wiki): Tip number 5: countering graviton being caught in a graviton is no fun for Reinhardt, and many Reinhard players struggle with what exactly they should be doing while stuck in a graph. In most cases you simply want to be holding up your barrier, as this will force enemies to pour a ton of damage, and resources into the graph. In order to secure kills many off-chance you can keep close to your team alive. It's likely that the enemies spent one or two DPS Ultimates alongside at the grab just die, and regroup for the next fight. If you have earth shattering, you get caught in a graviton surge should you use it there is no clear-cut. Answer for this however you should definitely be on the lookout for a big hammer down while caught in the graph, if you can stun three or more enemies then hold up your barrier. There is a good chance your team can survive through the graviton, this is particularly true against teams with an enemy Reinhardt, and this is because the enemy Ryan is very likely to drop his shield to fire strike or melee swing into the graph. This can give you an amazing shot and saving your team from a wipe with a think fast shatter.


    And finally tip number 6: bury out with purpose this has been touched on in earlier tips, but for any new Reinhardt players out there this is by far the most important tip. Let be this there is no utility in standing in a choke with your barrier activated while enemy defenders mercilessly rain down damage, just like there is no utility in blocking the long-ranged pork damage of one or two enemies, like soldier or baby diva. Your barrier charge is a valuable resource and should not be wasted under any circumstance instead of blocking tiny amounts of pork damage or worse yet standing Stockstill in a choke. While absorbing in huge amounts of damage use your barrier resource with a goal in mind some goals could be using your barrier to push through a choke points, and reach cover on the other side to block an enemy ultimate, which means never letting your barrier resource hit zero. So it is always ready to use when you need it or to protect a team, it like McCree while he pops his Deadeye in short. Never use your barrier if simply taking cover behind the wall will do just fine, and avoid standing still with your barrier up while attacking your barrier is how you were going to push forward after all.
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