Paris City Adventure
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    Now's your chance to be Mayor of a big city in France! Don't miss it. On the way there you already start thinking about how great you can make your city. It's going to be the greatest city in the world! All thanks to you. Your train is pulling into the station and you can see everyone waiting. Ready to star, Mayor? Get ready for your first tour! As you can see, our city's in bad shape and needs a responsible Mayor like you.

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    hack Paris City Adventure Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):I think you should start by replacing the windows at city hall, your new home away from home.
    Mayor, the soil here is always fertile, you just need to plant crops. That way we can provide the city everything it needs.
    Okay, let's check out how our city Warehouse is doing. It's definitely going to need some work.

    cheat Step #2: It's great we have somewhere to store food now, it's almost harvest time. Head to the fields and i'll tell you what to do next. Your city need a mill, but there's no one to built it. All the workers left! Just check out the condition of houses to see why. Shall we get to work?

    code Step #3:Our city hit a rough patch, and a lot of people moved out of their houses and stopped caring for them. I think if they're repaired more people will move in again.
    Your citizens will come to you with ways to grow the city. You can see their tasks. Build a mill to produce enough food for your city.

    Paris City Adventure Step #4: There are lots of new buildings in the store, but for now we just need to focus on what to do with our wheat crop. Here you can see your available recipes, along with what they require.
    Production is simultaneously, and workers always have enough space to work at the same time. Plant another wheat so your fields aren't empty.

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    • 2. Note the condition of roads in the city, especially the Bridge! We can't just be cut off from the rest of the world. Our city is transforming so fast! just make sure traffic doesn't pile up.

    • 3. I'll let you in on a little secret: if you want, you can always speed up production.

    • 4. Let's go to the market, your citizens are waiting! Here you can sell goods and earn coins. This is the best way to develop the city's economy. The market is your city's main source of income. Keep completing citizens orders to grow your city!

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