Sword of Gem Idle & merge
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    Ok, hero, we have introduced each other, please follow me to start the first adventure and click the battle button to enter the battle. Hero, you can get various levels of enhancement gems by defeating enemies. Two gems of the same level can be merged into higher level gems. Now try merging gems!
    You have synthesized a high level gem. Now fuse it with your equipment to increase the strength of the equipment. Move the gem to the position of the equipment bar to let the equipment devour the gem.

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    hack Sword of Gem Idle & merge Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Your equipment has been swallowed successfully, and your combat power has been improved. Now click the challenge button to challenge a stronger enemy.
    The battle just now allows you to accumulate a wealth of combat experience. Now click on the hero head to unlock your hero talent.

    cheat Step #2: If you are not satisfied with the available talent, you can click the view ad button to refresh the available talent.
    Talent list: benediction - every 35 seconds for the hero with the lowest health on the battlefield to restore 35% of the current maximum health.

    code Step #3: If you meet friends in the future, please continue to save them, and friends will continu to help you collect resources.
    Unfortunately, the challenge failed and you returned to on-hook mode. There is still a long way to go for adventure. When you are strong enough, continue to challenge. We will meet again at that time.

    Sword of Gem Idle & merge Step #4: Good job, you are already strong enough, then challenge the more powerful monsters! Challenge world boss on the home for more treasure. Heroes, your progress is fast! But there are still many powerful allies on this continent taking risks with you. Go to the rank and share your growth path with each other.

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    • 2. Successfully challenged the world boss to obtain a lot of rare materials, these materials can be strengthened in the forge.

    • 3. The blacksmith's shop - when you strengthen the equipment, you should prepare all the materials.

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