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    Ah, you're awake at last. This is fate, you are the chosen one! I was ordered by lord Tannis to lead you against the evil lord Barr. You will get gear when the time comes. Look out! There is a wolf, i will show you how to fight! Click on the target to attack. The yellow bar below the HP bar is the action bar. The monster action bar is full. It's his turn to attack. Using the ultimate skill can cause a lot of damage, but it will consume holy water.

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    hack Fate The One Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Fate’s chosen one, please follow me to open the summoning gate, summon more heroes to fight against the forces of evil, guide to click on the summoning gate. Summon 10 more for guaranteed heroes with B rank or higher. Add the two new heroes you have summoned to the team.

    cheat Step #2: Both the enemy and us have elemental attributes, and being good at using counter relationship is the key to defeating the enemy. Water counters fire, fire > wind, wind>water. Simply put: water, fire, wind cycle to counter each other, and light and dark counter each other. If counter is too difficult to remember, you can also look at the arrows on the enemy’s head.

    code Step #3: The items obtained from the victory can be used, and the Fate’s chosen one comes with me. Life potions can increase the stamina limit. Rings can increase attack power. Necklace can improve defense, cloak can increase immunity, elemental essence can increase damage.
    The number below the monster’s HP bar is skill warning, when it becomes 0 0, the monster will release the ultimate skill in the next round.

    Fate The One Step #4: Missions - here you can receive the mainline level task, you can quickly enter the map. Using skills is the key to defeating the enemy! As the saying goes: he who strikes first prevails. If you are confident in your strength, you can also choose automatic combat. Although automatic combat is not the optimal strategy, it can save time.

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    • 2. The lucky store can only appear once per day, seize the opportunity.

    • 3. Using taunting skils can force the other to release base attacks against you. Skills need to consume "magic energy" and you can restore one point of energy for every 5 actions.

    • 4. Do you still remember how water, fire and wind attributes counter each other? It is okay if you do not remember, it is always right to attack the enemies an green arrow on their heads.

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