One last day to die
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    Choose your role: sniper - increases chances of critical slots (ranged weapon); hacker - increases chances of hacking electronics; doctor - medicines and foods regenerates more HP; soldier - increases durability of ranged weapon; thief - scavenging ability increases. Fighter - attack and defense increases by some factor; survivor - hunger and thirst, slows down also HP increases. Ninja - sneaking ability increases.

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    Role - these are unique skills that grants special abilities to the player. Once upgraded skill cannot be reveresed. So please be careful on choosing the skill.
    Controls: use d-pad to move forward, backward and to jump. Bottom bar - shortcut slots to equip weapons, foods and medicines only.

    cheat Step #2: You will eventually die if your hunger or thirst is zero. High alert increases zombie amount and also temporarily disables you. You can equip weapons and armor from inventory. Equip axe, get close to trees and press attack button to cut it down.

    code Step #3: Sneak will help you move past horder. But dont be too sure. Eat drink regularly to keep up your hunger and thirst bar. Alert level will reduce if you stay idle. Making noises will also increase alert level. You will need base to save your progress.

    One last day to die Step #4: scavening is the best way to obtain rare items. Weapon life will reduce each time you use them. Moving between maps will increase alert level. Tap top left corner to upgrade your stats. Dying means losing all items.

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    • 2. You need to make base to start storing your items in chest.

    • 3. Dying will cause you to lose all your items and experience.

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