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    Eirei System has developed Eirei Evolution! Newly added Eirei Evolution function, accessible for players from serves launched more than 25 days who reach SF 100. By consuming SP Curio, Red SSR Eirei can be evolved into Pink SP Eirei, having a 3x increase in CP. There are 5 types of SP Curio, and each type of Eirei has to consume the corresponding SP Curio.

    Newly added Curio hunt event: accessible for player from servers launched more than 25 days who reach SF 100. By consuming Curio hunt tokens, you get chances to draw the limited SP Curio, as well as ultimate arms grand rewards, massive amount of accessories including artifact source gems, and treasure items. Curio Hunt is with a guaranteed ultimate system; after a certain number of draws, the probability of drawing SP Curio will be increased by 20 times.

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    Summer party - download game and get a newbie giftpack worth 1000 dias. Enjoy a 20% huawei point reward on the first 2 transactions daily.
    23rd of july update introduction. 1) Overcome everything and testify your strength, development gameplay is now officially unlocked. 2) Development is accessible for players from servers launched more than 15 days who reach SF1;

    cheat Step #2: The gameplay is divided into solo mode and team mode. After clearing stages in solo mode and reaching a certain proficiency, players can challenge the team mode in the corresponding dungeon.
    Compared to other Boss gameplay, development focuses more on teamwork and individual operations where CP is not the main factor affecting the stage clearance.

    code Step #3: Killing the development Boss can get you all kinds of rare totems. In team mode, there are even higher chances of obtaining super rare quality totems. The first team that clears the development dungeon of each C.S. will be rewarded with an extra super rare totem. Totem system is now installed to assist you in development!

    Lost Lineage Step #4: totem system will be unlocked with development gameplay simultaneously and epic totems are of great help in development. Totem system comes with the power of the ancient beast, and the advanced totems come with an exclusive, super powerful skill. Max level reached once obtained. Enjoy gear buffs, stats buffs, and insane CP! All relevant drops of totem system will be obtained through development gameplay. Only the 1st generation of totems is unlocked for now, more powerful totems will be introduced in the future.

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      ultimate arms - #LuoYnq3ov

      wings - #mCB01gOFL

      armament - #5Pf36MkbD

    • 2. Items marked with "limited" can be claimed while stocks last.

    • 3. Tap "advance once" to star up partners, partners can be advanced after star ups. Lv rush rank, get limited edition unique rewards.

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